“Inciting hatred.” Kanye West banned from social media

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The musician's accounts are partially limited in functionality.

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45-year-old American rapper Kanye West has been blocked from social networks. This is reported by the BBC.

The reason for blocking the musician's accounts on Instagram and Twitter was his anti-Semitic statements. Now the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian will not be able to publish new posts, comment and send messages. In particular, part of Kanye West's content was removed from Instagram, which consisted mainly of screenshots of correspondence in instant messengers.

The conflict between the American scandalous rapper and social platform managers lies in his recent statement. In an email with rapper Sean Combs (P. Diddy), Kanye accused him of being run by Jews.

“Jesus is a Jew,” the rapper wrote.

Note that Kanye West's Instagram page is fully displayed. It still has over 18 million subscribers.

Representatives of the American Jewish Committee responded to the sharp statements of the scandalous musician.

“Kanye West must learn to convey his point of view without resorting to anti-Semitism. In the last week, the musician has incited hatred of Jews,” the organization noted.


After partial blocking on Instagram, West came to Twitter. The rapper posted a photo with Mark Zuckerberg and noted that he considered the developer his friend before the blocking. Elon Musk immediately responded to Kanye's tweet, congratulating him on his return to the social network. uestu-zablokirovali-akkaunty-v-socsetjah-3cce624.jpg” alt=””Inciting hatred.” Kanye West has been banned from social media” />