Inclusivity: who is Kami, the first virtual influencer with Down syndrome?

Inclusiveness: who is Kami, the first virtual influencer with Down syndrome?

For the first time in the world, a virtual influencer with Down syndrome has been created. Her name is Kami and at the editorial office of melty, we invite you to discover everything you need to know about this young woman.

After Shudu Gram , who is the first virtual influencer presented to the public and many other new muses representing different brands, lately the world of influence has decided to continue to revolutionize the way it communicates< /strong>. As reported by our colleagues from the site Creapills, a brand new virtual character has appeared. This is Kamilah, called Kami, the first virtual influencer with Down syndrome (trisomy 21). This young woman was designed using 100 portraits of young women from around the world with this chromosomal abnormality.

Kami is the result of the collaboration between the organization Down Syndrome International and Forsman & Bodenfors. This influencer was created for a very specific objective. This one is to change the image of virtual influencers who are too idealized. By choosing to highlight a young woman with Down syndrome, the creators promote a more inclusive and authentic representation. But then, how was Kamilah conceived? It’s took several steps for it to finally see the light of day.

Kami has an Instagram account

First of all, it’s it; The Digital agency, specialized in the modeling of virtual characters, which created the different looks of Kami thanks to a face analysis application. Then, subsequently, it’s the Daz3D software, which allows the creation of 3D human models, which gave birth to the first virtual influencer with Down Syndrome. And, like many people in our current society, an Instagram account has been created for her. On the latter, we can find many photos and videos of Kamilah or the faces that inspired the creation of his character. At the time of writing, the young woman is already followed by more than 1660 people on this social network.

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