Increase in mortality is likely in Ukraine – UN

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Morbidity increase is likely in Ukraine - UN

The risk of mortality is growing in the country population in war-affected cities during the cold season.

Humanitarian crisis and “complete devastation”. This is how the UN described the situation in the war-affected settlements of Ukraine. They also noted that inhuman conditions in these territories could provoke an increase in mortality. This was announced on Tuesday, October 18, by UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Ukraine Denise Brown, writes CNN.

“We are talking about complete devastation. About loss of life and complete loss of livelihoods in areas directly affected war,” Brown said.

She expressed her deep concern about the impending challenge.

“I am absolutely convinced of this: there is a high risk of mortality during the winter months for families and communities left with absolutely nothing,” she said.

Brown noted that the situation in the country is affected by the change in the front line and the approaching onset of winter. Now the UN is trying to provide “safe, dignified and warm places” for the inhabitants of the frontline areas.

Brown said that damage to power plants and thermal stations should be of serious concern to UN member states.

Recall that since October 10, as a result of strikes by Russian invaders, 30% of power plants in Ukraine have been destroyed.

It was also reported that almost 1,200 settlements were de-energized in Ukraine.

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