Incredible friends from the first day: the dog and the calf love to communicate, despite their differences


July 11, 2022, 10:05 | Animals

Friendship that touches the soul.

Incredible friends from on the first day: the dog and the calf love to communicate, despite their differences

Sometimes completely different animals become inseparable friends, whose sweet communication touches the soul. Such an unusual friendship arose between the dog Skye and a calf rescued from a slaughterhouse named Lewis, informs Ukr.Media.

Just a week after his birth, Lewis lost his mother and fell ill with pneumonia, so the owners decided to get rid of him. But he was saved by the staff of the Gentle Barn animal shelter in California (USA). They brought him to the farm and began to treat him.

The condition of the calf was very difficult, so the owner of the farm and founder of Gentle Barn, Ellie Lacks, took him into her home.

"I moved Lewis into the house to treat him in a clean and cool environment and be able to watch him 24 hours a day,' Ellie recalls.

Thanks to constant care, good antibiotics, as well as nebulizer and oxygen therapy, the calf recovered. The whole time it was in the house, it was looked after by the scruffy nurse Skye.

"From the first day Lewis came into the house, Skye protected him and lay next to him to comfort him. She became a consolation for him and greatly influenced his recovery, – said the owner of the farm.

After recovery, Lewis and Sky continued to communicate and became strong friends. Despite the difference in size, they love to run around the yard together, play, hug and even chew grass. Ellie believes that people can learn a lot from watching the friendship between a calf and a dog.

"If we are open-minded and stop focusing on what makes us different from other people, we we will be able to find much more points of contact with them than expected, – believes Ellie.

Ellie regularly shares videos about the lives of Skye and Lewis on the official TikTok account of the Gentle Barn shelter, and thanks to this couple has millions of fans from all over the world.


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