Incredible scenes in one of the Polish cemeteries. Nobody expected such a sight


The funeral director swears that it has completed all the formalities …

 Incredible scenes at one of the Polish cemeteries. Nobody expected such a view

At one of the cemeteries wojew & oacute; In Lubuskie Voivodeship there was a scandalous situation, when several dozen hours after the funeral of the 56-year-old, his relatives mourning him found an urn with his ashes outside the place of burial.

A scandal that may end with no punishment for the guilty ; w?

In the town of Lubniewice, the relatives of Jan Kosek, who seemed to be buried, recently experienced a great shock when, several dozen hours after the funeral ceremony, they found an urn with his ashes standing on a neighboring monument.

Officers of the local police headquarters were informed by the godson of Jan Kosek, who discovered that his Christian however, tny was not buried. The deceased's family immediately made contact with the funeral director and the priest who was asked to repeat the ceremony – It was just a shock to me! Somehow I already got used to the thought of my husband's death, and here's something like that! M & oacute; j his nephew saw that the urn with his uncle's ashes was on the adjacent monument at the back , the widow told the television.

The funeral director, who was in charge of the burial, does not admit accountable for the scandalous situation, arguing that someone just had to take the urn outside after the burial ceremony. It is currently being determined whether an offense has taken place, but it is not known if this is a developmental issue.


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