Incredible scenes in one of the Polish towns. The residents decided to take the priest away on wheelbarrows. What was it


Each of us has heard a story about the outrageous behavior of a priest at least once.

 Amazing scenes in one of the Polish towns. The inhabitants decided to take the priest away on wheelbarrows. What was the point

The loudest ones come from small towns where the belief that the priest is an influential person who makes the law in the parish has survived. Such an approach to the institution of the church and the parish priest to this day results in the debauchery and arbitrariness of priests who for years were granted permission to do so.

Scenes a bit like “Peasant”?

< p>The media circulated the information that the inhabitants of Jaworzno decided to gather in front of the Holy Trinity parish church to drive the local priest out of the city. As it turns out, after the Holy Mass ended on Sunday, a group of parishioners, tired of the outrageous behavior of the parish priest, gathered in front of the temple, with firm demands for the priest to leave their parish. The police intervened on the spot.

As reported by Interia, in the end the priest voluntarily left the bones, and the documents in his case are soon to appear on the desk of the Opole bishop, priest Andrzej Czaja. According to information from residents, the clergyman did not refrain from expressing unflattering opinions about him during the funeral of the 25-year-old man and criticized him during the ceremony.

Unfortunately, the family of the deceased young man experienced another tragedy after three weeks, because the second son died. This time, however, the relatives of the deceased decided to bury him during a secular ritual, because they did not want to have anything to do with the priest who was in charge of their parish.

According to media reports, in the presbytery there was already a meeting of the parish council with priest, at the same time the description of the case will soon land on the desk of priest Andrzej Czaja, who is the Polish bishop.


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