Indian man mired in debt over daughter's house and wedding wins $125,000 in lottery


Indian man mired in debt over his daughter's house and wedding wins $125,000 in the lottery.

Mohammed Bawa was going to sell his home to pay off his loans, but he was lucky to hit the jackpot.

A fairy tale story took place in the Indian state of Kerala. There, debt-ridden artist Mohammed Bawa put his house up for auction to pay off his loans. But I started buying lottery tickets. And just before the deal, he won $125,000. The house did not have to be sold. This is reported by The News Minute.

Amina and Mohammed Bawa took out a bank loan and borrowed a large amount from relatives a few months ago to build a house. They also had to spend money on their daughter's wedding, which cost almost a million rupees ($12,000). The family was ruined. Mohammed was ready to sell the house to pay off his debts. But, hoping for luck, he began to buy lottery tickets.

And he was lucky to hit the jackpot – he won 125 thousand dollars.

Indian man mired in debt over his daughter's house and wedding wins $125,000 in the lottery.

“I just managed to save our house. I still can't believe it,” said the shocked artist.

He had almost sold the house, as he was unable to pay his debts. He has five children: four daughters and a son. Their 22-year-old son, Nizamuddin, took a job as a salesman at an electrical goods store in Qatar three weeks ago. The two youngest daughters are still in school, and the family couldn't pay back all the money.

“We've all been under so much stress for the last four months. We couldn't pay off our debts because there was very little income” , — said Bava.

When the family was waiting for the buyer of the house, Bava decided to take a walk to calm down. He bought four tickets for the Kerala government Fifty-Fifty lottery. “For the last four months I have been buying lotteries, hoping that luck will put an end to my suffering,” he admitted.

And two hours later he found out that he had hit the jackpot. After paying off his debts, he will not have much money left, but Bava has already announced that he will help his best friend Ganesh with the construction of a house for his family. After all, Ganesh always supported and helped him.

Before the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Bava's family belonged to the middle class. The man worked as a construction contractor and made good money, but after the crisis he lost his job.


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