Indian minister drank a glass of water from the “sacred” river and ended up in the hospital (video)


Indian minister drank a glass of water from the

Bhagwant Mann drank water from the Kali Bein river and felt severe pain in his stomach , he was airlifted to a Delhi hospital. According to local legend, the founder of the Sikh religion, Guru Nanak Dev, bathed in this river.

Chief Minister of the northern Indian state of Punjab, Bhagwant Mann, drank a glass of dirty water from the “sacred river” Kali-Bane and ended up in the hospital. This was reported by the Indian Express newspaper, citing its own sources.

At first, the official felt severe pain in his stomach in a residence in Chandigarh, from there he was taken by plane to one of the hospitals in Delhi. Interlocutors say that he underwent a medical examination and is still in the hospital. The government kept his illness a closely guarded secret.

A video of Bhagwant Mann drinking water from the Kali Bein River in Sultanpur Lodhi, Punjab, went viral following news of the minister's subsequent illness, the newspaper writes.


The British newspaper The Independent emphasizes that people began to associate the disease with the fact that the official drank water from the river.

Indian minister drank a glass of water from the

“Surrounded by religious figures dressed in saffron, Mann scooped up a glass of water from the river and drank it to the loud cheers of the crowd. Mann drank water from the river, which was touched by the feet of Guru Nanak Dev (the founder of the Sikh religion),” the journalists describe the course of the ceremony.

Doctors diagnosed Bhagwant Mann with an infection, The New Indian Express reported. He was under the supervision of a high-level team of medical experts in a private room. During the discharge, he was accompanied by his wife and sister, his condition is stable.

Mann drank a glass of water from Kali Bein on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the cleanup of the river. He announced the start of a state campaign to clean up rivers and drains in Punjab.

The Kali Bein River is a place of enlightenment

Kali Bein is translated as “black stream”, the river got its name because black minerals in water. Indian media write that the waters turned black due to the accumulation of industrial waste.

Around 80 villages and 6 cities are located along the banks of the 165-kilometer Kali Bein River, into which sewage flows. Polluted water in Punjab has the highest incidence of cancer in India, according to the British newspaper The Telegraph.

“We often get complaints from people that the river is polluted by sewage coming from these residential areas” , – commented a senior official in Punjab.

According to Sikh mythology, the first guru, Nanak Dev, gained enlightenment while swimming in the waters of Kali Bane. According to legend, once he disappeared after bathing and appeared after 3 days.

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