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Indigo blue jeans could disappear, scientists have an alternative

Blue jeans as we all know them should soon disappear. Researchers have proposed; an alternative to replace them.

We all have it in our wardrobe: the essential blue jeans. Every year, billions of denim jeans are produced. They are made with indigo dye which gives the characteristic color of these pants. Whether synthetic or natural, indigo does not dissolve in water to become a liquid dye. It must therefore be modified. à using chemicals to become dye. These blue dyes are therefore aggressive for workers in the sector as well as for the environment, especially in the environment. proximity factories. They pollute waterways and soils and have a certain toxicity. for humans. Local ecosystems are thus endangered.

Danish researchers therefore tried to find a more ecological solution. In a study published in Nature Communications, experts came up with an improved dyeing method to eliminate the need for harsh chemicals. In particular, they used indican, a molecule related to indigo, but which does not require chemical treatment. It can be applied to the denim fabric and then take on its blue color thanks to it. an exhibition à light or using an enzyme. A slightly different color from the current one, tending towards green.

Indigo blue jeans could disappear, scientists have an alternative

After a testing phase, the researchers evaluated the results. that the use of the indican would reduce by 73% 92% environmental impact compared to today's dye. The use of indican could also reduce annual CO2 emissions by three billion tonnes. Indican has the potential for a gentler impact on the environment and to be economically competitive compared to & agrave; indigo, assuredé the researchers in the study.

The limits lie rather in the means of efficiently producing the indican dye to be able to supply the market. global. In addition, this alternative does not solve all the problems since there are also all the other stages of creating jeans. It will also be difficult to convince all major manufacturers to switch to this new method, knowing that implementation has a certain cost. This could also lead to a possible increase in the prices of jeans. the sale. Nevertheless, the researchers believe in this project: "Given the growing consumer demand for sustainable clothing, we believe that this represents an opportunity for sustainable clothing. 's a commercially viable path". Other researchers have also developed a "bio-indigo" resulting from the fermentation of sustainable resources, the alternatives therefore seem to be multiplying.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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