Indonesia suspends those responsible for the Arema for life for the deadly stampede

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  • Arema's head of security and the club's executive director have been permanently banned after the tragedy that occurred in the city of Malang

  • The death toll, previously set at 125, rises to 131

Indonesia suspends those responsible for the Arema for life for the deadly stampede

The Indonesian authorities have decided to ban for life the chief of security and responsible for logistics of the Arema, Suko Sutrisno, together with the executive director of the club, Abdul Haris . The decision, announced by the committeeā€¯ disciplinary of the federationThe country's soccer club has come to fruition after the tragic events that took place last Saturday, October 1, in the town of Malang.

The The number of deceased people has also increased in the last few hours. Although at first 174 deaths were reported, the exact number ended up being unknown. being 125. Now, the number of deaths rises to 131. In all, the stampede caused more than 300 wounded.

Once the fans invaded the field of play, the police action worsened. The situation is even more so, since according to the Minister of Security,Mahfud MD, the officers “exceeded themselves and acted out of his authority” through the use of tear gas. Eighteen of them are already being investigated.

Most of the deaths were caused by asphyxiation, although many of them also suffered trampling and other physical damage caused by the accumulation of A massive crowd, according to hospital sources.

The tragedy has been considered the most serious in history related to football in Indonesia, despite the fact that the trend of deaths Around this sport in the Asian country it was already on the rise since the decade of the 90s.