INEFI celebrates its Silver Anniversary with national school physical education

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  • INEFI celebrates its Silver Jubilee with national school physical education

    The director of INEFI, Alberto Rodríguez, at Altar de la Patria, after laying a wreath for the 25th anniversary of the institution.

The National Institute of Physical Education (INEFI) celebrated the On Monday, its Silver Jubilee with physical education and school sports, in which its executive director, Alberto Rodríguez, spoke about the event. of the great challenges and challenges for the year 2023, and of the mission that the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, entrusted to him. at that institution.

After leading a thanksgiving mass to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the founding of INEFI in the Catedral Primada de América, Rodríguez pondered the importance of He pointed out the enormous responsibility that weighs not only on him, but on the entire family of physical education at the national level.

“I came here, where Mr. President , Luis Abinader, confers the responsibility on us, we have to ask God not only to count on the government, but also on all sectors of society, because we have a stronger task than I thought,” said Luis Abinader. the executive director of INEFI.

He maintained that the youth of the country are losing themselves on the streets, but, with a strategic plan, “we can help these families to see if these young people stay longer in schools and They are more responsible at schools than at home”.

“Today teachers have more responsibility than ever and we have to keep advancing to develop youth and eradicate vices, via education, I saw this. to sports”, he stressed.

For Rodríguez, this is a moment of changes and great relevant transformations in the INEFI and for this it counts on all those who play a role within physical education and school sports.

Personalities from the business, political, and social world accompanied the company. to the executive director of INEFI at the homily officiated by the Rev. Nelson Clark, in the Cathedral.

Floral offering

After the mass of Thanksgiving at the Cathedral, a commission from INEFI, headed by the executive director and his entire work team, teachers, technicians and staff from the entity, moved to the Cathedral. They went to the Altar de la Patria, where they laid a floral offering, as part of the official acts of the 25th anniversary of the foundation.

Rodríguez highlighted the fact that the value and importance of the national symbols, indicating that as a Dominican he always values ​​the efforts of the founders of La Trinitaria, as well as the efforts of the founders of La Trinitaria. as the creators of our nationality.

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