Infected with coronavirus, the nurse committed suicide out of fear that became the source of infection

Заразившаяся коронавирусом медсестра покончила с собой из опасений, что стала источником инфекции

The nurse from the hospital San Gerardo in Monza, which is the most affected by the epidemic the Italian region Lombardy, committed suicide after it was revealed that she is infected with a coronavirus.

As informs edition Daily Mail, 34-year-old Daniel Trezzi worked in the ICU. She had the symptoms of coronavirus infection and 10 March, she was quarantined at home.

After a test for a disease showed a positive result, the woman experienced stress and was horrified, thinking that was the source of infection and spread of the coronavirus infecting others, instead of to help people.

The National Federation of nurses, Italy has expressed condolences for the tragedy.

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