Inflation is felt even in the prices of snacks


L&rsquo inflation is felt even in snack prices

Food prices have increased by almost 50%, according to some restaurateurs (archives).

Inflation is being felt everywhere: on gas, at the grocery store and even in roadside snack bars and canteens. In one year, the price of the traditional lobster roll has gone from $15 to $25.

In Sept-Îles, Annie Lessard works at the Casse-Croute Chez Ballou. She notes that prices for all basic foods and components have gone up, including bacon, chicken, ground beef and containers.

“Everything went up almost 50%.

— Annie Lessard, Casse-Croute Chez Ballou

Annie Lessard explains, for example, that she used to pay around $50 for 10 pounds of ground beef. She has to pay $84 today. This therefore forces the owners to increase the price of the meals so as not to sell at a loss.

The restaurateur mentions that some foods are even impossible to find at times.

Meals in a snack bar are a holiday classic.

Same story on the Fisherman's Snack. Co-owner Frédérique Néron explains that while it is normal to see prices increase every year, the increase is particularly impressive in 2022.

“The biggest increase is oil. So not only has the oil in our fryers gone up, but anything made with oil, like mayonnaise, too. »

— Frédérique Néron, co-owner of Le Casse-coûte du Pêcheur, the Captain's terraces and the Soucy fish market

Frédérique Néron is co-owner of Le Casse- crust from the Fisherman in Sept-Îles.

In order not to put too much pressure on the customer's bill, Frédérique Néron says he had to reduce his profit margin.

With seafood, you have no choice: the prices are astronomical[…]. In a snack bar, it's a bit difficult to arrive with exorbitant prices, she believes.

Annie Lessard maintains that the clientele is however at the rendezvous despite the rising prices. We don't supply, we don't stop, we always have people, rejoices the restaurateur.

For her part, Frédérique Néron says she finds ways to improve the experience of customers in her establishments since they pay more. For example, she specifies that she added tablecloths to the tables.

Josiane Bergeron, a tourist who visits the Côte-Nord by road, believes that car trips come with often meals in the canteens. It's important for us to discover the little treasures, she says.

Ms Bergeron observes, however, that with the price of gasoline , his road trip is already costing him enough money.

In addition to inflation, snack bars have to juggle labor shortages.< /p>

Annie Lessard pays her employees at least $15 an hour, slightly more than minimum wage.

Frédérique Néron says he also has no choice but to offer higher salaries to attract staff.

With information from Félix Lebel


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