InstaFans: The Only…OnlyFans alternative you need to know about

InstaFans: The Only…OnlyFans alternative you need to know about

InstaFans is the new Premium fan-based platform focused on the normalization and most importantly – celebration of adult content. The company behind the site boasts over 20 years’ experience in the adult entertainment industry and has major experience in delivering excellence and achieving success through its other platform – EscortFans. Their innovative and progressive spirit radiates throughout the site; from dedicated blogs, creator promotion, ease of use/ access to their cohesive and inclusive terms and policies. This allowed them to not only survive as a business but gain substantial footing in the market and a sleuth of loyal fans and talented creators who drive the company to new highs.

So, with that kind of a resume, it’s no wonder that InstaFans is already proving a fierce competitor and is starting to sound a lot like a great alternative to OnlyFans.

Why strike now?

The idea to launch yet another fan/subscription-based site might seem outlandish considering just how saturated the market is with similar business models – not to mention the gargantuan competition. But the thing that sets InstaFans apart from the rest, is its undeniable dedication to its creators. With the lowest commission on the market, InstaFans proves that the creators are really at the heart of what they do. By setting the initial platform commission at just 5%, InstaFans truly recognize the value of their content creators. Afterall, they’re the real money makers driving traffic – and hence profit, to the site. The company’s ongoing success is truly a testament to their vast experience and firm values.

Let us not forget the outrage caused by OnlyFans just last week and the chaos that ensued after their announcement on the prohibition of all explicit and pornographic content from the site. For them to just reverse the decision following a week of bad press and severe creator and fan backlash, with no clarity on long term plans on how explicit content will be managed. Gambling with their users’ livelihoods unfortunately didn’t pay off as angry and confused creators have been abandoning the site in search of something more sustainable. Hopefully this will only spell out a positive change in the industry – with creators making a more informed decision when choosing a platform and those platforms putting their creators (not investors) first.

In reality, InstaFans could NOT have chosen a better time to hit the market hard and hit the ground running.

Why you can trust InstaFans

Thanks to their experience, longevity and success in the business, InstaFans can assure you that they know exactly what to do to avoid such problems and keep their creator community safe – and they know exactly how to do it.  They have a team of professionals keeping the platform at the forefront of all social media innovation, while serving the needs of their creators and fans alike. This means developing new features to increase engagement and making the InstaFans experience as simple as it can be. But this dedication to maximizing the earning potential extends beyond helpful features and the lowest commission on the market. InstaFans offers its creators helpful resources, tips and guides on how to navigate the site to get the most out of its many benefits through frequent blog posts and ad hoc support services. If we’re going to mention the earning potential – the commission and earnings scheme is always kept in favor of the content creator. As we all know, all platforms charge on average between 10% and 12.5% ​​as a payment fee which goes straight to the big banks. Even then, the vast majority usually extract 20% more as “platform commission”. In comparison InstaFans only takes 5%!

The best thing of all?

How easy it is to understand and use! Nowadays platforms have a thousand features and complicated functionality, making it quite stressful and difficult to understand. It’s a wonder people get them all. It’s hard to know where to begin! With InstaFans, it’s never been easier. They’ve managed to create a slick and elegant design that’s comfortable to use and easy to navigate. On this site, it’s almost impossible to not know what to do.

If you haven’t visited the site, try it for yourself and sign up to today.

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