Instagram and Facebook: these new features will soon be paid

Instagram and Facebook: these new features will soon be paid for

< strong>Facebook made a surprising announcement on June 17. New features will soon be on sale for users of the social network.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced the launch of an online store a bit special! Facebook, Instagram and Messenger users will be able to buy imaginary clothes for their avatar. And not just any clothes! The company has partnered with three luxury brands, Balenciaga, Prada and Thom Browne. They will be the first to offer their creations. If only three brands will be available at the opening of this online store, Mark Zuckerberg has indicated that others should arrive shortly. Eva Chen, Fashion Director at Instagram, and Mark Zuckerberg revealed what the first clothes available in the metaverse will look like.

“We're launching our avatar store on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger so you can buy digital clothing to customize your avatar. Digital goods will be an important means of expression in the metaverse and a great driver of the creative economy. »,said Mark Zuckerberg. These avatars are 3D characters that users can imagine. For now, they can be created by users on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger. They can be used to replace a profile picture or as virtual stickers in conversations.[/embed ]

Facebook and Instagram launch their online store

Meta wants to offer many possibilities to its users . “We also know that people often want to change their look, whether in the real world or in virtual spaces. , Meta explained in a June 20 statement. The company adds:“We will facilitate this evolution by continually offering new options that reflect the latest fashion trends.” Free options already exist to customize your avatar. For these new features, users will have to pay between 3 and 9 euros to afford them. It remains to be seen whether Internet users will be willing to pay to dress their avatar the way they pay to dress in real life!

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