Instagram deletes Pornhub account

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Instagram removes Pornhub account

In 2020, the “New York Times” published a text detailing the controversial videos published with impunity by the pornography giant.

Instagram has removed the official Pornhub account from its platform, without specifying the reason, as pressure from activists against the porn site continues to mount.

The page of the global online pornography giant, whose parent company, MindGeek, is based in Montreal, had more than 13 million subscribers and 6,200 posts at the time of its removal, according to Variety.

The page, which presented non-pornographic content, was intended to promote the videos as well as the actors and actresses of the platform.

President of the US National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Dawn Hawkins, said the page directly promoted pornography and encouraged people to become performers of explicit content.

Instagram is bravely choosing to end its partnership with Pornhub, and it's time for all companies to follow its lead,” he told Variety.

The criticism of Pornhub has multiplied in recent years. In particular, the site is accused of distributing videos of child pornography and revenge pornography.

In December 2020, the companies Visa and MasterCard stopped processing payments on the site due to the presence of illegal content.

Many people have taken legal action against Pornhub, accusing the company of exploiting and monetizing videos released without their consent.

These criticisms led to the resignations of the company's CEO and COO last June. The company also laid off an unknown number of people from its staff.

The porn company said it had taken some steps to respond to the criticism, such as removing any content coming unverified accounts as well as removing the feature that allowed all users to download any video.

Pornhub still has popular accounts on other networks social media like Twitter and YouTube.

With information from The Verge, and Variety

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