Instagram is testing a post scheduling feature

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Instagram tests a publication programming functionality

Internet users around the world can test a new function of pre-scheduling photos and videos on Instagram.

The days when content creators could not plan the publication of photos or videos on Instagram are about to be over: the social network is testing with a handful of Internet users in le monde a content programming tool.

According to several users who already have access to the feature, all you have to do is go to the advanced settings – located at the step just before posting a Reels or a photo -, select schedule this post, then choose the date and the desired posting time.

People can then view scheduled content in a tab located in the sandwich menu of their profile in the app.

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It was already possible for content creators to schedule live videos up to 90 days in advance. Internet users could also turn since 2020 to the Facebook Creator Studio platform to plan publications on Instagram. Many people also turn to other platforms, sometimes paying, like Buffer, to achieve this.

Instagram has confirmed with several specialized sites that it is testing the feature, but has been sparing with details as to a possible deployment for all accounts.

With information from Mashable, and TechCrunch

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