Instagram prepares the channels, its new group chat model

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Instagram prepares the channels, its new group chat model

Instagram is ready working on a new tool that will allow create channels in the social network through which it will be possible to share information or files with large audiences, and which follows another novelty also in development, group profiles.

Channels are a type of group chat that allow administrators to share information or documents with a large audience, generally unlimited , whatrequires interested parties to subscribe in order to join.

These channels are already present in messaging applications such as Telegram or WhatsApp, and it seems that Meta seeks to implement them also on Instagram, as the expert developer in reverse engineering Alejandro Paluzzi has shared.

Paluzzi has located the code of the ' app' Instagram has launched a new tool that allows you to create discussion channels, although they are not entirely new, since previously the company had worked on them under the name of public groups.

The new channels support the participation of a large number of people. Whoever creates the channel can decide who joins, if anyone or only followers and subscribers, and the way in which they can participate, since one option allows them to send messages while that the other restricts it to administrators and collaborators.

Paluzzi shared recently another novelty in which Instagram is working, the group profiles, similar to the Communities that Meta has already announced for WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook, and which bring together in one place the conversation groups that revolve around a theme or a common social space, such as the children's school or the activities of neighborhood associations.