Instagram responds to criticism from its users for being more like TikTok


    Instagram responds to criticism from its users for being more like TikTok

    Instagram<'s changes strong> many of its users are not liking it at all. The executive director of the platform, Adam Mosseri, has responded this Tuesday to the criticism of 'influencers' such as Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jennerto try to calm things down by making it clear that they maintain their new course: bet on videos to look more like TikTok.

    The social network, known for prioritizing photos, announced last week that it would give more prominence to audiovisual content. Although the images will continue to be a recognizable part, Instagram has decided to change how it works so that the home page includes more looping videos, which will be part of Reels >, the copy of TikTok that they activated in 2020. “We are going to have to evolve because the world is changing rapidly, and we are going to have to change along with it,” Mosseri explained.

    In the new Instagram there will also be changes in the user experience, and it is that it will be resorted to. more to the algorithms to recommend content to us from third parties whom we do not follow based on our interests. As Mosseri explained, this option has been created to help content creators reach new audiences and increase their number of followers and, therefore, their business. That can help Instagram attract users from other rival platforms like –¡bingo!– TikTok.

    Furthermore, the platform is open. I'm experimenting with a redesign that magnifies videos to the full screen, a new version coming soon. testing with a few users.

    User criticism

    Instagram's decision has upset many of its users. Among them are the Kardashian sisters, celebrities and businesswomen who shared with their 687 million followers a message from another 'influencer' in which she criticized the changes introduced by the platform. “Stop trying to be TikTok, I just want to see pretty pictures of my friends,” reads the text.

    The opposition to these changes is already strong. having a significant economic impact for Instagram. Since they were announced five days ago, the shares of Meta –the parent company that owns the platform, as well as the shares of Meta such as Facebook and Whatsapp— they have collapsed 9.72%. As early as 2018, a tweet from Kylie Jenner criticizing the redesign of the Snapchat app led to controversy. It caused the company to fall more than 6% in the stock market, a setback that cost it a lot of money. about a billion euros. Despite the protest, he continued to regularly using the platform. The little one of the Kardashians had been at the center of controversy in recent days for using her private jet to make 12-minute flights.

    Although the Instagram directive has reiterated that it will maintain Your changes to the app are not yet live. It will be clear when they will be applied in a generalized way to all its users.


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