Instagram stops its changes to look like TikTok in the face of avalanche of criticism


    Instagram stops its changes to look like TikTok in the face of the avalanche of criticism

    The chief executive of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced: that the social network was experimentingwith a series of features to be more like TikTok: play more videos in full screen strong> (like the Chinese app does) and have more recommendations appear from people that you don't follow strong>. But it has stopped these changes.

    The response from the public was not long in coming. to arrive, and it seems that they didn't like these ideas very much. Among whom “protested“: the Kardashian sisters, Kim and Kylie. Both use 'stories' to ask for Instagram becomes Instagram again, echoing the campaign started on by the photographer Tati Bruening The slogan in English, 'Make Instagram Instagram Again', remembers much to the one who used Donald Trump during the election campaign of the presidential elections in 2016 ('Make America great again').

    Instagram stops its changes to look like TikTok in the face of avalanche of criticism

    Image of the “make Instagram again Instagram” petition. – Tati Bruening

    Not permanent

    A few days after the news broke , Mosseri has granted an interview to Casey Newton from 'Plataformer' to communicate that they are putting on pause these changes, although not in a form permanently. As he explains, the users who have tested the new functionshave not been satisfied with the content that shows the algorithm . In the conversation with Newton, Mosseri says that he is He was glad to have taken a risk, but also that “we need to take a big step back and regroup.” “If we don't fail from time to time, we're not thinking smart or big enough,” he said.

    That's right, as he explained. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, the company that owns Instagram, in the last quarter has grown a 30% > the time of display of the Reels, something that suggests that there really is demand< /strong>of this format (short videos of profiles you haven't 'followed').

    No to “friends” in the 'feed'

    Another concern of the people is the little presence < /strong>of 'posts' of the “friends' on the main page. The chief of The platform responded on Twitter to this, assuring that it seems that the best way to “stay in contact ” with the friends and family is in other parts of Instagram other than the 'feed' (such as 'stories ' or 'DMs').

    In addition to all this controversy, Meta on Wednesday a decrease of 1% in their income, something that occurred for the first time since its exit to stock market in 2012. Mark Zuckerberg has recognized: “It seems that we have entered an economic recession  will have a broad impact on the business of digital advertising“. In addition, the new privacy policy of iPhones, which allows owners to request apps that do not track your activity, has made ads less effective.


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