Instead of a feminist in France, the statue of Napoleon, which has stood since 1865, has been restored


Instead of feminists in France, they restored the statue of Napoleon, which stood since 1865

As a result of the vote, 68% of the inhabitants of Rouen were in favor of returning the statue to its original place after the restoration. Although the mayor proposed instead of Napoleon to install a sculpture of the lawyer Giselle Halimi, who fought for women's rights.

The day before, the city authorities of French Rouen returned the statue of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte to its original place riding a horse, which was first established during the Second Empire in 1865. This happened despite the opinion of the mayor, who wanted to see a sculpture of a fighter for women's rights and a lawyer of Tunisian origin, Gisele Halimi, in place of the French conqueror. This is reported by “Figaro”.

In December last year, a vote on this issue was held among the residents of the city. As a result, 68% of citizens were in favor of returning the statue to its original place in front of the city hall. “The polls have spoken and we can be proud to host this democratic event,” said Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol.

The statue of Napoleon, which used to stand in the center of the city, was sent for restoration last year. The work was started after a crack was discovered on the hind leg of Napoleon's horse. The restoration of the sculpture cost the French taxpayer 280,000 euros.

At the same time, the mayor of the city, socialist Nicolas Mafière-Rosignol, proposed to install a statue of activist Giselle Halimi, who passed away two years ago at the age of 93, in this place . As arguments, the mayor cited the fact that in the public space of France women are represented only in 5% of cases.

Who is Gisele Halimi?

Instead of a feminist in France restored the statue of Napoleon, which stood since 1865

Giselle Halimi, a French lawyer and politician, fought for women's rights all her life. She is a native of Tunisia, and the sensational trial of 1972 brought her fame. Halimi won the acquittal of an underage girl who was tried for an abortion after she was a victim of rape.


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