Instead of protests: Russians get tattoos in support of Ukraine and against the Russian invasion (photo)


Instead of protests: Russians get tattoos in support of Ukraine and against the invasion of the Russian Federation (photo)

Some of them do not want to forget about the bloody events in Ukraine, and some he did it out of concern for relatives who are there.

In Russia, opposition-minded citizens began to get tattoos as a protest against the invasion of Ukraine and speaking out for peace. This way of speaking out against the actions of the Russian authorities is due to the fact that there is almost no opportunity left for an anti-war speech in the country, and for this you can get a prison term. Meduza writes about this.

In early July, journalists asked readers to send photos of their anti-war tattoos, which were made after February 24.

“Some readers note that anti-war tattoos are actually allow them every day to go out in single pickets against the war. In the subway, office or supermarket, people show each other that they are not alone,” the journalists write.

Some Russians write that they express protest in this way, but some got tattoos so as not to forget that the war in Ukraine continues.

“I don't want my brain to forget. Every morning, washing in front of the mirror, I will remember the atrocities in Bucha, the shelling of Kremenchug and all the rest the horrors of war that previously seemed unacceptable,” writes one Meduza reader.

Someone got a tattoo out of concern for relatives who are in Ukraine. One girl's grandmother died of dehydration in the occupied Rubizhne, Luhansk region, she dedicated the tattoo to her.

“The tattoo was made on May 31, 2022 in the Republic of Dagestan. Today, here in every village, grandmothers knit black scarves and mourn their dead” , — share the Russians.


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