Interesting news about Zenek Martyniuk. He was seen at an old friend. Who is this woman


Will Zenek Martyniuk ask a fortune teller about the future?

 Interesting news about Zenek Martyniuk. He was seen with an old friend. Who is this woman

The summer period is an ideal time for joint holiday trips, long detours along the routes concerts and any other activities that are overlooked during the year.

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Zenek Martyniuk is getting ready to perform at the seaside

The leader of the band “Akcent” Zenon Martyniuk, who is currently in Sopot, where of course all kinds of music festivals are organized, knows it very well.

The artist certainly cannot complain about the lack of activities and work as the most popularized singer by Polish Television.

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Currently, the 53-year-old disco-polo artist is in the process of preparing for a series of concerts planned at the seaside.

Pomponik reports that Zenon Martyniuk decided to visit his return for a break in these preparations.

The photojournalists caught him and photographed him in the company of the famous friend Rachella, who became famous for telling the future to celebrities and artists such as Dominika Tajner, Magda Umer, or Michał Wiśniewski.

Zenon asked about this meeting admitted, that he is an old friend who he visited socially and he had no questions for her about his future – This is our friend, it was a friendly meeting, there were no questions – said the singer . It is not entirely clear if he gave an honest answer, but let's hope Zenek is not torn by any doubts or dilemmas that would lead him to seek advice from his fellow man.

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