Interior designers named the most unsuccessful colors for decorating the hallway


July 24, 2022, 16:32 | In the world

They create a bad impression.

Interior designers named the most unsuccessful colors for decorating the hallway

The hallway is the most important room in the apartment, but it is the one that makes the first impression of your home. Yes, it is important that the colors used in the hallway are not too dull or too bright. It is also worth paying attention to the level of wetness of the materials and not to choose too dark a palette. We suggest you find out which colors should definitely be avoided, informs Ukr.Media.

White with a yellow and brown tint definitely won't help you create a sunny mood. In fact, such wallpaper will look dull in the hallway, as a result of which the interior will become boring. So, applying a white sheet of paper to the wallpaper will make you understand that it looks dirty.

Glossy white is also not the best solution for the hallway, as it is too smeary. This will quickly make itself felt, especially where autumn is accompanied by rain and mud. This option will turn the hallway into a tired look very quickly. That is why experts recommend choosing a more natural finish.

Red in its large amount can have an irritating effect on us. As a result, you will have only negative thoughts. No one wants to go back to a house where they feel undefined pressure.

Yellow is the color of positivity and joy, but it is very smeary. Moreover, it causes a feeling of fatigue and chaos. This option will not be the most successful for the hallway.

Dark brown is practical from the point of view of dampness, but the room in this color becomes uninteresting and gloomy. Dark brown color creates the impression of an oppressive atmosphere, so you should choose light shades.


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