Internal conflict in the PCQ: a change of guard to be expected

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Internal conflict at the PCQ: a change of guard to be expected

Steps are underway to shuffle the cards within the PCQ, shaken by an “internal war”.

Caught in a “turf war” between two camps, the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) should soon make changes. Radio-Canada has learned that steps are underway to appoint a new executive director, among others.

According to our information, a friend of Éric Duhaime is in the sights to occupy this position at the head of the PCQ. This is Patrick Bégin, former programming director of the radio station FM93, in Quebec, when Mr. Duhaime hosted a program there.

Reached by phone, Mr. Bégin did not want to confirm or deny that he was approached. However, he participated in the last election campaign alongside the leader, and many believe that he is tailor-made for the position of executive director.

This position, however, would not be the only one that could change hands at the PCQ, according to our information. The National Executive Board is due to meet by mid-November and that's when the card shuffling can really begin.

There will be no dismissal, assures Éric Duhaime during a brief call with Radio-Canada. Nothing is going to be rushed, he adds.

“I see it as growing pains. In the media, it comes out big, but when I talk to people in the party, they are in a good mood.

— Éric Duhaime, leader of the PCQ

Éric Duhaime, leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec

At the end of the provincial elections, last October 3, a group of conservatives dissatisfied with the way in which the campaign unfolded began to demand changes in the entourage of Éric Duhaime.

Close associates of the leader are notably accused of having made bad decisions, of having badly managed certain aspects of the campaign and of not having listened to the advice given by experienced organizers.

On the contrary, their detractors are accused of looking for scapegoats and wanting to take control of the PCQ at a time when the party has never been so popular and has never had so much funding.

Candidates and organizers of the PCQ will meet in Drummondville on Saturday to take stock of the election campaign. Mr. Duhaime says the discussion, which will be behind closed doors, will not focus on the internal conflict or on upcoming changes.

The current executive director, who is part of of people targeted by criticism from disgruntled conservatives, indicates that he is ready to leave his position, while affirming his wish to remain active in the organization.

Raffael Cavaliere confirms that he is even taking part in the process which aims to find a replacement for him. I'm looking for people to come and support me. It is by mutual agreement.

Asked to find out if the crisis is the cause of his decision, Mr. Cavaliere maintains that he considered leaving his post even before the start election campaign.

“I want this. I'm tired. I have been working hard for two years. »

— Raffael Cavaliere, Executive Director of PCQ

Mr. Cavaliere asserts that the executive office was convinced that the election results would allow the PCQ to obtain better funding, which would inevitably result in the hiring of new employees.

The leader , Éric Duhaime, makes a similar reading of the situation. He also adds that he intends to formally ask the PCQ to pay him a salary, whereas he had voluntarily agreed to deprive himself of it when the party's finances were more precarious.

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