International reserves of the Russian Federation for the month decreased by $25 billion

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Russia's international reserves decreased by $25 billion in a month

Before the start of the war Russia's reserves reached a historic high of $643.2 billion, and in early October fell to $540.688 billion.

As of early October, Russia's international reserves amounted to $540.688 billion. Over the month, their volume decreased by 4.41%, or by $24.972 billion, according to the Central Bank of Russia.

It is noted that on September 30, the volume of international reserves “under the influence of negative revaluation” decreased by 1.6% (by $9 billion) and amounted to $540.7 billion.

On February 18, the volume of reserves reached an all-time high of $643.2 billion, and then began to decline.

In March, Russian Finance Minister Anatoly Siluanov announced that that half of Russia's foreign exchange reserves ($300 billion out of $640 billion) are frozen due to sanctions.

Earlier it was reported that the first three months of the war against Ukraine set the Russian economy back four years.

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