Internet Explorer will officially disappear

Internet Explorer is officially going away

< h3>It’s a real revolution that will take place this week for Internet users, with the disappearance of the mythical browser – and the first giant of its kind – Internet Explorer, which Microsoft will end this Wednesday, June 15!

Remember. You turned on your new computer in the 2000s, obviously equipped by Microsoft, you launched your 56k modem blocking your telephone line, and you opened your menu to click on… internet explorer. Obviously ! The browser was ubiquitous at that time, installed by default on all PCs; a browser that was the only solution for the general public for many, many years before Firefox took over. A mythical tool, which will however disappear this Wednesday, June 15.

Indeed, Microsoft had announced in May the end of its legendary browser, which had fallen into disuse over the years, and is ending it this week. Launched in 1995, it had lost interest not only because of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, but also because of its little brother developed by Microsoft, the Edge browser, installed on the computers of the American giant since Windows 10, in 2015.

A browser that stuck out its tongue

Beyond the symbol, which will surely cause a twinge in the hearts of many thirtysomethings, Internet Explorer had become quite difficult to use, with an interminable waiting time for those who unfortunately open a window on Windows 7 for them. Internet Explorer.

And you, does the end of another monument of the 2000s after that of the iPod make you nostalgic?

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