Internet provider Ebox suffered a “major outage” on Sunday

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Internet service provider Ebox suffered a “major outage” on Sunday

Ebox customers were deprived of the internet on Sunday.

Internet provider Ebox, which serves around 90,000 people in Quebec and Ontario, experienced a “major outage” on Sunday that affected many of its services. This was resolved by mid-afternoon.

Several customers reported having difficulty connecting to the internet in the morning. The company's site and phone line were also briefly out of service.

Shortly before noon, Internet users claimed on social networks that they could access Internet again, after seeing their connection go down for about an hour.

NetBlocks, an organization monitoring web activity, said a few minutes later on Twitter that Ebox's network appeared to have largely been restored.

The company finally confirmed that the outage was resolved around 2:30 p.m.

On the Downdetector site, a platform that lists Internet outages, more than 3,000 reports were made after 10:15 a.m. Sunday, mainly in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

The Longueuil-based company Ebox has approximately 90,000 customers in Quebec and Ontario. It was acquired by Bell in February.

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