Internet users have no doubts that Barbara Kurdej-Satan is expecting a baby again. What does the interested herself say?


Is Barbara Kurdej-Satan expecting a baby again?

 Internet users have no doubts that Barbara Kurdej-Szatan is already expecting a baby. What is interested herself.

According to the portal “Pudelek”, Barbara Kurdej-Szatan spends her summer vacation in Majorca. The actress willingly shares photos from her stay on the paradise island. One of the photos particularly attracted the attention of Internet users and caused an avalanche of speculation about whether the actress is sometimes expecting another child. The interested herself took the floor.

Shared vacation

Basia Kurdej-Szatan, together with her husband Rafał and their two children, chose off on vacation. The actress willingly shares vacation photos with her supporters. They had the opportunity to see not only how Basia rests on the beach with her children, but also how she spends time only with her husband.

One of the photos particularly caught the attention of Internet users. We see a breathtaking landscape, which is the essence of the words “holiday relaxation”, and an actress posing against it. Basia Kurdej-Satan poses in an airy black tunic.

Some internet users saw the actress's rounded belly in the photo, which provoked the question of whether the actress was expecting a child again. “Are you pregnant with?” one of the people who commented on the photo asked directly.

Barbara Kurdej-Szatan decided not to leave the matter without a comment and revealed without hesitation whether she was actually expecting a child. Her answer leaves no room for doubt.

” No. I need to work out at the gym “- the actress jokingly admitted, adding a series of emoticons depicting crying smileys.

What do you think about asking such questions?


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