INTERVIEW. Nicolas Waldorf: “I didn't expect to have this life”, the famous hairdresser confides


INTERVIEW. Nicolas Waldorf: “I never expected to have this life&rdquo ;, the famous hairdresser confides

On the occasion of the release of his first book, Do you have an appointment?, Nicolas Waldorf gave an interview to the editorial staff of melty. During this one, the famous hairdresser opened up like never before.

Everyone knows him! Thanks to the program Incroyables Transformations broadcast on M6, Nicolas Waldorfhas been one of the most well-known hairdressers for the general public for several years. Followed by more than 209,000 people on Instagram, the young man has many strings to his bow. After taking care of thousands of heads, he tackled writing. And yes, this Thursday, May 12, 2022, the comrade of Charla Carter and Léa Djadja published his first book entitled Do you have an appointment?< /em>. With this book, the star hairdresser shares all his tips for feeling even more beautiful with breathtaking hair in front of the mirror. On the occasion of this publication, the editorial staff of melty had the chance to interview Nicolas Waldorf. During this interview, he obviously mentioned his book but he also returned to how he managed to become the most famous hairdresser in France. Confidences.

Hello. Can you tell us what your book will be about?

Nicolas Waldorf: This is a book that will appeal to everyone, to professionals and the general public alike. The goal is really, depending on your morphology and style, to be able to adapt your hairstyle, self-diagnose, gain self-confidence and have the keys to not feeling helpless in front of your mirror or at your hairdresser.


How did you come up with the idea for this book?

Nicolas Waldorf:I was tired of having people write to me and meeting people who didn't know what to do with their hair. They couldn't find their style. I realized that there are people who did not know each other when they had already evolved well in their lives. Little by little, this idea germinated in my head and I said to myself: ‘we need to create a guide so that people feel a little less deprived. So I started to develop it with Elodie Petit, my co-author who is a journalist at Elle because I really wanted to have a vision of a consumer and above all not to forget anything. Very quickly, we developed a lot of ideas and we wrote the book quite quickly because it came out like that.

In your book, you say that it didn't happen right away. it was obvious that you became a hairdresser. You thought you were going to be a lawyer. In the end, how did being a hairdresser come to you?

Nicolas Waldorf:I was supposed to do law. I was a fairly quick-witted child and I was destined for that because in my family we studied. But it was while going to the hairdresser that I met someone and said to myself: 'But my god, the power is not to be a lawyer or in an office, it is really to help people, to make them beautiful, to be there for the greatest moments of their lives. A hairdresser is someone who is there for the greatest moments in a person's life. You are there for his revenge, for his tryst, for his marriage, sometimes even for a funeral, for a baptism… You accompany people and they end up confiding in you about their life, their failures, their doubts… I have made many dreams come true, I have traveled, I have done the hair of stars, I have been to impossible shoots, fashion shows where I will never have returned and today I am creating my book so I can tell you that it's a job that brought me a lot of joy and that still brings me joy today.

We also learn that your family didn't not really supported in this career choice. Was life difficult for you?

Nicolas Waldorf:My parents were so disappointed that I did this job (laughs) that I told myself that I had to do things well and big. It was difficult to live! I still have some funny memories because I left everything. I was from a rather bourgeois family and suddenly I left and I had no more resources. I did not expect to have this life at the start so I found myself sometimes in squats. My first apartment was shabby, I had no money, I barely paid to eat. Not having had the support of my parents and having to make them really proud made me mad to succeed. I told myself that I was going to give another image of hairdressers, I was going to create another way of life as a hairdresser, I was going to create different companies. I wanted to be different from the others and have a resounding success. It's because I saw things like that and I had no support that I had even more ardor to do things the way I did them. If I had been supported, I might have been a little asshole, I might not have gone that far, I might not have wanted to build things like that. It was difficult but we all have difficult moments in our careers and today I tell my parents that it is very good like that, that it happened like that. When I saw my mother cry after I told her I wanted to be a hairdresser, I said to myself, I had better succeed in my life because if she sees me failing, she will not recover. So I think I motivated myself a bit like that.

Today, you are one of the most famous hairdressers in France. How do you live it?

Nicolas Waldorf: I am only beginning to realize my fame. Because ultimately, when I'm in Paris, I'm locked in the recording studio and the rest of the time I work. From Monday to Thursday I shoot my show and Friday Saturday I'm in my hair salon where I do everything like before. So it's true that I'm a bit locked in a bubble and so I admit that apart from the people who take selfies in the living room, I didn't really realize the scope stuff. But now I'm starting to realize and it's freaking me out. There I was on a trip abroad, there are people who recognized me and there my sister she said to me: 'But you are really a star'. What's nice is having a strike force and being able to use it to help people, support them, give them self-confidence.