INTERVIEW. Tema my box, Moms and famous, a third child with Rym… Vincent Queijo confides

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During an interview granted to the editorial staff of melty, Vincent Queijo confided as never before. His adventure in Téma ma caisse the new show of MYTF1 Max, his future in Mamans et celebrated, his desires or not for a third child with Rym… In short, the father of the family made many revelations.

The editorial staff of melty had the chance to have Vincent Queijo in interview. If he is in the cast of Moms and Famousfor several years now, a few days ago, the reality TV candidate announced that it is now possible to find him in the casting of a brand new program. This is Téma ma caisse, a program broadcast on MYTF1 Max from this Friday, June 10, 2022. In each of the episodes, Kevin Guedj, Julie Ricci, Laurent, Nico Caponeand the others open their garage doors to show us their cars, each as impressive as the next. For the occasion, melty had Rym's boyfriend interviewed. During this one, the father of Maria-Valentina and Alma confided in himself like never before. Tamazed my fund, Moms and famous, whether or not he wanted a third child… He said it all!

Hello, Can you explain the concept to us? de Tema ma caisse?

Vincent Queijo, candidate for Téma ma caisse and Mamans et celebrated: The concept is simply to highlight car enthusiasts who like to talk about cars, cars and their car(s). ) in this case.

How did your passion for cars come about?

Vincent Queijo: Basically, I'm not at all passionate about cars. I like beautiful cars, there is nothing to say but from there to being an enthusiast no. But from the moment people are passionate about it, it gives me emotions.

What did it bring you to participate in this show?

Vincent Queijo: This show allowed me to meet Maxime who is great and who is a real car lover. And then I also enjoyed presenting, asking questions and everything that goes with it. And it really comforted me in the idea of ​​launching my youtube channel, which sees the light of day this Sunday, June 12.

Your Youtube channel will be dedicated entirely to football?

Vincent Queijo: Exactly! It connects the program Téma ma caisse because it talks about my passion which is football. I thought why not talk about my passion too.

How did your passion for football come about?

Vincent Queijo: For me, the passion for football is transmitted from father to son and from father to daughter soon. But it was my father who transmitted this passion to me from the age of 4 and I never gave up. I am a huge football fanatic.

Would you like your daughters Maria-Valentina and Alma to share this passion later on?

Vincent Queijo: Yes I would like to but they will do what they want. I just wish they didn't hate football. I would like them to have some interest in it. Afterwards, I know that football is very open-minded now and that the doors are open for girls, but if they want to do something else, I can understand.

What is the first car you had?

Vincent Queijo: The first car I had was given to me by my parents. It was an all black 307 HDI that I sent in the back of an Audi and never saw the light of day again. (laughs)

What is your dream car?

Vincent Queijo: I have two! I think of a Rolls Royce Cullinan which is for me the archetype of the classiest car in the world because I really like 4×4. And as for the second, I would love to have a van fitted out with a driver because even if I don't mind driving, I love being driven!

And the motorcycles, is that your thing?

Vincent Queijo: No, I'm not a motorcycle rider at all! I find it very very dangerous. My wife has lost someone very very very close on a motorcycle so suddenly we are forbidden at home. Scooters in a pinch could play but no motorcycles are really not something that attracts me!

Do you like speed?

Vincent Queijo: The speed in the car I like but moderate. So I'm going to look grandpa and all that goes with it but even more since I have children, I find no interest in going fast by car. I find no interest in putting myself in danger on the road so suddenly, no it's not my thing. But on the other hand, I can admire that a car has incredible performance.

You are also in the cast of Moms and famous with Rym. Is it a show that you still like?

Vincent Queijo: It's a program that I really like because we are really immersed in our intimacy but with real family values ​​and something very real. Me, personally, when I watched Moms and Famous when my wife was pregnant I learned a lot of things and I dare to hope that a lot of young parents learn things by watching us too. I'm happy because we show our real life and it's not just the rhinestones and sequins and the millions of followers on Instagram. No, we too have a hard time, we too are parents and we too have anxieties, stress… We too don't sleep so I find it good to be able to transcribe reality!

Which show dad(s) are you closest to?

Vincent Queijo: I get along well with all the dads. Afterwards, it's true that I saw Neymar, Benjamin Machet, Nacca a lot, Danielle's husband I met him too and he is very nice. After me, all the dads I find them cool! From the moment we are a dad and we are committed to his role of dad, I find myself there and I will like the person.

You are ready for the next Moms and famous season?

Vincent Queijo: Yes! Very clearly, I signed my contract yesterday so yes, we are off again for a season of Moms and famous.

Today, you have two daughters. Would a boy make you want?

Vincent Queijo: A boy would necessarily make me want but I don't want to have a third child. I don't know what the future holds for us, but in this case, we're very, very well at 4. And frankly, we're already struggling enough to consider a third child.

Any projects you would like to tell us about?

Vincent Queijo: The real project that is the most important to me is still my Youtube channel which comes out on Sunday June 12. I'm super proud of it because I work hard on it, I devote a lot of time to it and I really hope to make quality videos, with quality reports because I would really like to differentiate myself from others. Don't just play girls against professional players or whatever. I would really like to show the extent of my little talent which will develop thanks to this Youtube channel.

A last word for the meltynauts?

Vincent Queijo: I wish all meltynauts a great summer! May it be prolific and restful before attacking the start of the school year.

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