INTERVIEW. Tema my box, Moms and famous, his projects with Alizée… Maxime delivers


INTERVIEW. Téma ma caisse, Mamans et c&égrave;bres, his projects with Alizée… Maxime opens up

His presence in the casting of Téma ma caisse, Mamans et celebrated, his projects with Alizée… During an interview for melty, Maxime gave himself up like never before, without waffling!

< p>Revealed in 2018 in Beijing Express: La Course infernale alongside his wife Alizée, Maxime later became a TV candidate -reality. After The Battle of Couples, he took part in another edition of the M6 adventure program: Beijing Express: The Mythical Route. If for more than two years, the young man has not been seen on our screens, since this Friday, June 10, 2022, you will be able to find him in Téma ma caisse, a brand new show broadcast on MYTF1 Max. For the occasion, the editorial staff of melty had the chance to interview Maxime. Very sincere and frank, the father of Thi-Waï and Soa-Li has made many confidences. His presence in the casting of Téma ma caisse, Moms and famous, his projects with Alizée… He delivered like never before!

Hello, We'll see you in Téma ma caisse. Why did you agree to participate in the show?

Maxime, candidate for Tema my fund and Moms and famous: So me, clearly, when I was contacted to potentially participate in the show, it was immediately yes because the automobile has been my passion since I was little. So participating in a show like this made perfect sense. It was obvious, clearly, talking about cars, here we go. I can talk about it every day, hours and hours, that's really what drives me. So it was with great pleasure that I participated in Téma ma caisse.

How did your passion for cars come about?

Maxim:I've been really bitten since I was little! To tell you, when I was a kid, we went on a camping holiday with my parents in Portugal and all the way, I spent my time day and night, and my sisters were tired of it, listing the names of all the passing cars. And just with the lights, I could recognize the car model. Ever since I was little, I've always loved cars and it's never left me to this day.

What does this passion bring you?

Maxim:It's different when you're a child and an adult. Initially, when you are a child, you have the dream which is a big part. The automobile has always made me dream! When I was little, I always had this particular vibration and growing up, I took a bit of a game already to be able to afford certain cars but especially to go driving, to do circuits with them. It's true that now, it gives me sensations that are specific to the automobile. It's a passion that never stops because every day you learn a lot of things so I'm thirsty for automotive knowledge and it never stops. There is also the art side because they are objects and today I am a bit into collecting. So it's a set! It is the collection aspect of the object, the artistic aspect also of this one, the aspect of knowledge and then the advantage also is that contrary to a painting which one can only “look at” , the advantage of a car is that you can also enjoy it. It gives us emotions.

Is this passion shared by your wife Alizée?

Maxime:No way ! (laughs) Alizée doesn't really care about the car. What she likes in a car is what “interests me less”. She likes a car to be comfortable, to be able to listen to music, to be a cocoon. What she likes is that we feel good in a car and that we feel comfortable, whereas what I like is rather uncomfortable cars that give me sensations. The car is not something we share with Alizée!

Would you like your daughters Thi-Waï and Soa-Li to share this passion later on?

Maxim:Yes, I would really like Thi-Waï and Soa-Li to love cars like I do. So maybe not as much as me because it's a very demanding passion, it's time-consuming. But it's off to a good start because Thi-Waï, when I take her out of the house and put her on the garden side, each time she says to me: “garage”, “car”. I feel like there's something going on!

Did you want to send a message by participating in this show?

< p>Maxime: Honestly, not particularly. Now, if I had a message to pass, I try to break the big car thing, my you saw etc because it's much more than that. Often what I say is that if my cars could be transparent when I'm with it, I'll be the happiest. The matuvu side of the automobile is something that bothers me and I find that it spoils the image a bit. People don't realize that we are passionate about it. You see, I have a Renaud Clio and I take as much pleasure, sometimes even more, in driving this Clio than my Lambo. Automotive passion is not linked to a symbol, a brand etc. It's really vibrations, memories.

What was the first car you had?

Maxime: The first car I drove a lot was a company car, it was a clio 2. It's weird but I love this car whereas for ordinary mortals a clio 2 is a bit lame. I love this car because there is affect, memories etc.

What is your dream car?

< strong>Maxime: My biggest dream, and I hope, I cross my fingers and I get up every morning telling myself that one day I will get there, it would be to offer myself a Ferrari F40 which is for me the symbol of the automobile in the sense that for me it symbolizes the passion for this car. When you ask a child to draw a car, without knowing it, he will draw you an F40. It's really the car of my dreams and if one day I can have it, I'm ready to sell all my cars just for these because it's the car that has always made me dream since I was little. I always said to myself: 'When I'm a grandpa, I'll have an F40 and I'll take my grandchildren in it'. That's really my goal!

And motorbikes, are they your thing?

Maxime:Motorcycles are not a passion but I also like motorcycles. Motocross in particular. I have two motocross bikes and I do a lot of enduro so as I'm in the countryside, I go into the forest and I have more and more fun doing it. And a little anecdote, I ordered my first motorcycle for the road and I am currently configuring it and I will have it normally this summer. It's not a passion but it's really something that took me a little later because when we were in the Paris region, with Alizée, we both had an accident on a scooter. Really we could have killed ourselves! Alizée, she flew over the car etc. It was a bit striking so since that day, Alizée has always forbidden me to have two wheels. But there, we came back to Brittany and from the cpup, she authorized me to buy motocross so I started doing it and I'm getting a taste for it.

You are also in the casting of Moms and famous with Alizée. Is it a show that you still like?

Maxime:Moms and famous is a show that we really like with Alizée. It allows people to see us more because it's true that through Instagram, stories are always very short little moments. And there, having a camera that is constantly running, you have the even more instantaneous side. They manage to capture moments that we, when we see the moment, the time you grab your phone, sometimes we miss it and they manage to have it.

Is it that there is something in particular that you would like to show to the viewers thanks to this program?

Maxime:What is really nice is that people can know us better because it is true that for the first Beijing Express, we were put labels on our heads. But that's normal, it's the TV game. So I think that through Moms and famous, people realize that we are not at all as we can imagine when we are photographed. Because yes, I have beautiful cars but because it is my passion. When we were seen in the portrait of Beijing Express with the porsche, the restaurants etc yes we like to eat well, we love gastronomy etc but it is really the epicurean side. So I think that through Moms and famous, people realize that we are like everyone else, that we like the basic things in life.

What(s) ) show dad(s) are you closest?

Maxime:It was Olivier (Editor's note: Wafa's husband)! He is no longer on the show but Oliver is someone I met at the time in The Battle of Couples. He's a really great guy, golden! The dad with whom I was, with whom I am and with whom I will be the closest, will be Olivier.

Today, you have two daughters. Would a boy make you want to?

Maxime:(laughs) I always wanted to have my baby boy! To tell you the truth, in my head, Soa-Li was going to be a little guy and at first when I learned that we had a second daughter, I said to myself: 'Ah, he's not a little guy' but you know in fashion, I really wanted to have my little guy. And in the end, well, I'm so happy to have two daughters! Fate has done things too well in the sense that having two little girls close together like that is magical. Seeing them both in twins mode is just so cool! When you dress them the same, they really look like twins. They look a lot alike and more and more. But I can entrust it to you, we will not stop at two children! So fate will do things and yes of course, I hope to have a little boy.

Any projects you would like to tell us about?

Maxim:Our big project, and here we are happy because it will start again in September, it is our construction that has been slowed down by various hazards. The covid didn't help us either, it was complicated for a lot of things. So there we have this big project which is our family home which will resume, we hope to move in there for the summer of 2024. Afterwards, now that the covid is no longer there, it’s not that long ago we left in the south. We hope to move with the girls, travel etc. And then I have other professional projects related to the automobile but I don't prefer to talk about it yet because I'm superstitious.

A last word for the meltynauts?

Maxime: Thank you to all melty readers for reading this interview. Thank you for the interest in the show and frankly, watch Téma ma caisse if you like cars and even if you don't because Biche told me: 'I don't like cars. automotive but frankly, the show is cool. It's fast, it's dynamic, there's pep, it's fun, a great show with good vibes and frankly, I hope everyone will enjoy watching it and that there will be a next season because I haven't shown all my cars and I still have some very, very nice ones to show.