Inveighed against by the mayor of Anjou, a teenager plans to file a complaint

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Inveighed against by the mayor of Anjou, a teenager plans to file a complaint

Hocine Ouendi denounced the closure of free soccer on synthetic pitches in Anjou during a meeting of the borough council.

The family of a teenager snubbed during a meeting of the municipal council by the mayor of the borough of Anjou Luis Miranda, in a scene captured and viewed thousands of times on social networks, asks the latter to apologize to him, otherwise she ” is considering filing a complaint”.

In interview Monday at Tout un matin, Hocine Ouendi returned to the events that caused consternation on the web.

He explained that he showed up at the monthly meeting of the Anjou borough council last Tuesday, accompanied by his mother, to express his disappointment with the ban on free soccer decreed more than a year ago. one month per district. In a calm tone, he then asked the mayor to consider reopening the borough's synthetic pitches one day a week, on Saturdays, for the rest of the season.

The mayor first replied to him that the pitches had been closed due to incivility committed by young people, some having rode an electric scooter on the synthetic pitches, others having shown aggressive behavior .

But it was the remarks made a little later in the exchange that ignited social networks.

Me, first of all, at 15, I wouldn't have come to confront the mayor like you do. I don't know why it's you, it should have been your mother or your father […] At 15, I wouldn't even have had a business talking to him, said Mayor Miranda.

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For Hocine Ouendi, these remarks are simply unworthy of an elected official.

I am a full citizen, I had as much right to speak with him as anyone in that room, he said, adding that it is not normal for an elected official to speak like that.

I don't think he would have spoken like that with an adult or with an older person. For Hocine Ouendi, it is clear that adolescents and youth represent the least of his worries.

Same story for his father, Smail Ouendi, who sees in these words a lack respect for young people.

When you watch the video and listen to the mayor's words, it's really shocking.

The teenager's father is also indignant at another remark from the mayor, who, during his invective, urged parents to educate their children, saying that there are many who are poorly educated.

Smail Ouendi, Hocine Ouendi's father

According to Smail Ouendi, the reality on the ground is quite different.

While he recognizes that small malicious groups can cause problems, he invites the mayor to meet young people who use the borough's land.

According to him, the majority of young people who are there are there for sport, to play, to discuss and exchange ideas.

Hocine Ouendi also recognizes that some young people have been able to go beyond the limits, but he considers the borough solution disproportionate.

We must not deprive everyone of soccer fields , he said, recalling that the incivilities that have been committed are the work of a minority.

In any case, he considers this measure unproductive. According to him, closing the grounds is not a solution, because those responsible for these gestures will return next year and will cause trouble elsewhere in the meantime.

Hocine Ouendi is of the opinion that a possible solution would be to hire more park wardens responsible for monitoring the grounds in addition to maintaining the premises.

In a response provided to the Journal de Montréal, the mayor of Anjou admitted that he was tired and that he should not have spoken that way. However, he added that he had raised this issue on several occasions with some young people who did not want to let go.

The family of Hocine Ouendi, however, asks for a formal apology.< /p>

No one should be allowed to behave like this. It deserves an apology, especially from a mayor, said the teenager, who just celebrated his 16th birthday.

Without an apology, the family plans to file a complaint, assured Hocine Ouendi.

So far, neither the mayor nor the district have tried to contact him.

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