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Invincible (Prime Video): 3 things to know before season 2

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After a very successful season 1, the sequel to the animated series Invincible arrives very well on Amazon Prime Video. Over time, she has built up a fairly loyal audience of fans thanks to her devastating humor and her ultra-violent and spectacular action scenes. So much so that season 2 will undoubtedly be one of the big events of this end of year for the streaming platform.

While waiting for this big moment, we tell you everything you need know before this event. (Spoiler alert, the rest of this article reveals plot elements from season 1).

What happens in season 1?

When the first season of Invincible was released, the series was not necessarily highly anticipated, with the exception of fans of the comics. We can follow Mark Grayson, a young man who discovers superpowers. He's not really surprised, because his father, Omni-Man is the strongest superhero in the world.

He then becomes Invincible. The teenager quickly joins an American secret agency which tries to protect the Earth from the great threats that await it. He then formed various friendships with these young people and participated in several important missions.

But season 1 ends above all with a stunning truth. Indeed, Mark learns that his father is absolutely not a hero. In reality, Omni-Man was sent to Earth to prepare for an alien invasion. He ends up leaving the blue planet, leaving us in unbearable suspense and abandoning our hero and his mother.

What to expect from season 2 of Invincible?

According to the first echoes, Mark will have a lot to do to protect our planet from its disastrous destiny. He will put himself at the service of the American government and will do everything to counter the future invasion of the Viltrumites. He could also face problems with his conscience. What if he was seduced by Omni-Man's offer?

Robert Kirkman, the creator of the series explained that the second season is devoted to Mark's worry, who fears becoming his father. Mark must face the truth about who his father really was.

The series should also become more complex, and we are already announcing a new enemy for Invincible in the person of Angstrom Levy, one of the major protagonists of the comics. Robert Kirkman also talked about the introduction of new universes: “We're going to use the multiverse to show different outcomes [from previous choices], but not to bring new versions of the characters”.

Add to that the fact that Mark and his classmates continue their studies and are still plagued by various love problems, and the story promises to be ultra dense. Especially since the series should also explore the planet of the Viltrumites to allow us to better understand their logic.

While season 2 took two years to see the light of day, the creator explained that the transition will soon be faster thereafter. He adds, not without humor: “I can't wait for people to wonder when the third season will take place”.

When will the season be released? 2 of Invincible?

The first part of the season which has 4 episodes (43 minutes) will be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video from November 3 at a rate of one episode per week. A second part will follow in 2024.

This broadcast pace is fully assumed by Robert Kirkman. Quoted by Rotten Tomatoes, he explains: “I firmly believe that weekly television strengthens community. This gives you time to anticipate the next episode.

Did you enjoy the first season of Invincible? And if so, will you watch the sequel? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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