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iOS 18: how Apple will make your online payments easier on your Chrome browser

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Apple had definitely rarely accustomed us to such openness to competition: While paying for your purchases with Apple Pay requires for ;#8217;instantly using a Mac, an iPhone or an iPad as well as the Safari browser. But things are about to change dramatically with the arrival of iOS 18.

Almost all browsers on the market – including Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera – become compatible with a new API (software development interface) introducing a new method based on a sort of QR Code.

Apple Pay finally becomes available regardless of the browser ( if you have an iPhone)

The Apple firm took advantage of WWDC 2024 to demo this new system in front of an audience of developers, this new system finally allowing Apple Pay to open up to the competition. Very concretely, if you are on Windows 11 and validate your purchases on a site that offers it via Edge, simply click on Pay with Apple Pay.< /p>

The famous circular code is then displayed. If you have an iPhone running iOS 18, paying this way is disconcertingly simple. Simply open the device's native Camera application and show it the code. In the next step, you validate the purchase with one of the payment methods that you have configured on your smartphone.

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This change constitutes, for once, a real revolution; Apple's policy on this payment system has so far been to reserve it for users of devices in its lineup. While the firm does not really give an official explanation for this sudden opening, there has been a certain change of direction recently.

The Apple ecosystem is opening up more and more

It must be said that Apple has attracted repeatedly the attacks of the European Commission for practices deemed monopolistic in its proprietary ecosystem. Enough to force her to change… including very lucrative features such as Apple Pay.

The firm has, for example, agreed to switch to USB-C technology on its latest iPhones, dropping the cables Lightning owners. Or to allow the coexistence of alternatives to the App Store, in addition to sideloading or direct downloading from the App Store website 8217;editor. Enough to finally allow application creators to save, under conditions, the famous 30% commission.

Another decision that we never thought would happen: iMessage becomes compatible with RCS, finally allowing enhanced communication with Android smartphones. Even if a priori the green bubbles remain for the moment. Not to mention the implementation of home screen customization options that have been standard for years on Android smartphones.

iOS 18 should be released as a stable version on compatible smartphones at the same time as the presentation of the iPhone 16 at the start of the school year. The most curious, however, can install the iOS 18 developer beta now; with virtually everything Apple unveiled at WWDC 2024, with the exception, for the moment, of many Apple Intelligence features.

  • Apple took advantage of WWDC 2024 to announce a major new feature on Apple Pay.
  • It has indeed become possible to use your means of payment recorded on your iPhone using a sort of circular QR Code.
  • Apple surprises by demonstrating a growing openness to competition.

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