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iPad Air M2 (2024) review: the tablet inspired by the Pro range

For its 2024 vintage, the new iPad Air integrates a brand new M2 chip and a new 13-inch screen. Discover our test.

Announced During an event in May 2024 which kept all its promises, the iPad made its comeback to the general public. To everyone's surprise, Apple has not announced this. one, but two new models: the iPad Air M2 and the iPad Pro M4.

In this test, we will be interested in the iPad Air which, despite a level below his elder, still plays good cards. By offering a 13-inch model which was previously only available for the Pro model, Apple is revolutionizing its range to revolutionize its range. meet the needs of fans of larger screens.

Editor's note: this review été fully realized &agrav; from a loaned copy; by the brand.

Design: Apple thinks big

You can't change a pleasing aesthetic! For its new iPad Air M2 (2024), Apple has decided to not to shake up the codes and stick to an almost similar design. The aluminum back is retainedé and leaves room &agrav; four distinct color choices: starlight, blue, stellar gray and mauve. For this test, we have the model "stellar gray" ready by the brand.

But there Where the iPad Air M2 holds its true novelty is in the choice of versions. Since its beginnings, the mid-range tablet has always been popular. marketed in an 11-inch model. This year, the Cupertino company is making a change and is now offering the iPad Air M2 range in a brand new 13-inch model. A choice that the brand defends by explaining that large models, already present on the iPad Pro, are the best-selling.

iPad Air M2 (2024) review: the tablet inspired by the Pro range

© Nathan Gofron/Apple

A larger screen size necessarily implies a thicker tablet. It's hard to compete with the new iPad Pro M4, described as “the thinnest ever”. and its 5.1 mm thickness. The iPad Air M2 still remains compact with a thickness of 6.1 mm for both models. The difference is in terms of weight since the 13-inch model weighs 618 g while the 11-inch model weighs 462 g. A detail that is not felt when the tablet is placed. But we still appreciate holding the much lighter 11-inch model in our hands.

And since' Apple hasn't finished with its new features, this time, it's at the front camera level that it's happening. Until'à now, the brand has always accustomed us    a sensor centered &at; the vertical. From now on, it is placed at the top of the list. horizontal. A change that allows you to make pleasant video conference calls when the tablet is placed in landscape format. the camera, the iPad Air M2 remains on the same bases as its predecessor with a 12 Mpx sensor.

iPad Air M2 (2024) review: the tablet inspired by the Pro range

© Nathan Gofron/Apple

A well-adjusted LED screen, but which has had its day

No notable new developments on the side. of the screen of the iPad Air M2. The tablet is equipped with a Liquid Retina LED panel of&#39 ;a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels for the 13-inch model and 2360 x 1640 pixels for the smaller 11-inch model. The brightness as for à it reaches 600 nits for the 13-inch model while the 11-inch model remains within the standards placed at the same time. 500 nits. The screen also benefits from the addition of anti-reflective treatment and an ol's coating. Anti-repellent to reduce fingerprints. It is clear that fingerprints appear quite quickly, especially during intensive use.

Generally speaking, the screen of the iPad Air M2 (2024) is very good quality. ;eacute;. Brightness management is well treated both indoors and outdoors and we hardly felt any lack of visibility. Slight downside all the same when the tablet is exposed to the sun or to the sun. a strong source of light. The contrast allows à allows it to display good color depth and to fully enjoy films and series.

iPad Air M2 (2024) review: the tablet inspired by the Pro range

© Nathan Gofron/Apple

Note a black spot in the refresh rate of the device. iPad Air frequency is stuck at 100% 60 Hz and remains far behind the competition which offers OLED screens that can go up to 90 or 120 Hz. At this price, one could have expected ' what Apple is making efforts. This still leaves room for improvement for the brand's next models.

Performances that don't go unnoticed

In terms of performance, Apple intends to reach heights never seen before for such a device in the range. Thus, the iPad Air integrates a brand new M2 chip which previously equipped the iPad Pro of 2023. For comparison with its predecessor to the iPad Air 5th generation and its M1 chip, the new system is announced by Apple as 15% faster in CPU and benefits from 20% more power. We wanted to check if these assumptions turned out to be true.

iPad Air M2 (2024) review: the tablet inspired by the Pro range

© Nathan Gofron/Apple

iPad Air M2 (2024) review: the tablet inspired by the Pro range

© Nathan Gofron/Apple

On our Benchmark test, the 11-inch version obtained a score of 2586 in Single-Core and 8256 in Multi-Score. Results for the Single-Core which remain below the iPhone 15 Pro which undoubtedly dominates. However, the iPad Air M2 remains ahead of the 11th generation iPad Pro.

Testing on gaming applications such as Call of Duty Mobile, we did not encounter any problems. no connection problems or specific bugs. We can still have reservations about this. overheating of the device which appears after a certain time of use with the game graphics at the same time. bottom.

As for accessories, we were lucky enough to be able to get to grips with the new Apple Pencil Pro. The latter is also compatible with iPad Pro M4 models like the iPad Air M2. Apple's new stylus offers new options. With a simple press, the user has access to the general menu to choose the tool they want or change the colors. A valuable saving of time which is significant, especially for professionals.

To benefit from all the services offered by the Apple Pencil Pro, you will still have to pay 150 euros out of your pocket. If you don't want to spend so much money on a tool like this, know that it is possible to opt for the # 39;more "classic” of the Apple Pencil proposed &agrav; 60 euros and in USB-C.

Satisfactory autonomy despite long cooldown

Test By browsing the Internet, going to YouTube, Spotify or even gaming applications, the iPad Air M2 lasted between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. during our test days. This is a bit tight for those who want to have a full day of use. This is still very correct since the device is within the standards of its predecessor, the iPad Air M1.

iPad Air M2 (2024) review: the tablet inspired by the Pro range

© Nathan Gofron/Apple

Side charging, the iPad Air is not supplied with a charging block but only with its USB-C cable. Apple defends actions regarding environmental protection. It will therefore be necessary to make do with a charger that already has in your possession or obtain one.

With the help of a 125W fast charger, it still took us a little over 2 hours to fully recharge the device.

Our conclusion of the iPad Air M2 test

The year 2024 marks the renewal of the iPad Air range. Although the competition is tough with the iPad Pro 2024 and its M4 chip, the iPad Air M2 remains competitive. Apple equips its new iPad with a larger screen size and a legacy chip The iPad Pro 2023 was released, giving it excellent performance.

We can, however, criticize it for its lack of development with its LED screen blocked. &agrav; 60 Hz, accentuating the gap with its competitors on the market. Its stagnating autonomy and the high weight for the 13-inch model can be a barrier for many buyers.

Please be aware that if your use is limited to   Internet and entertainment, the device remains a perfect companion in terms of performance and a more accessible price. For classic use such as watching videos, films or series, the 10th g'iPad This generation will be more than sufficient. On the other hand, we still advise you to opt for the range above, ’ namely the iPad Pro M4, for more professional use.

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