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iPhone 15: already available on promotion at SFR (-170 €)

“iPhone 15: already available on promotion at SFR (-170€)”

Available for pre-order until now. this Friday, the new iPhone 15 is already taking advantage of of several promotions before its official release. In particular, it is possible to get your hands on Apple's latest phone for €170. less.

The iPhone 15 is already available on sale even though it hasn't even been released yet! This is explained by different launch offers around pre-orders of the phone. Several merchants already offer some price drops on the new iPhone 15, before its official release this Friday, September 22.

The best price available on pre-orders for the iPhone 15 seems to be on the ;summer from Red by SFR. The site offers 170 € savings on the latest iPhone 15 with 50 € immediate delivery, 70 € reimbursement on your invoice and a bonus for taking back your old device of 50 € !

Don’t hesitate to Scroll down this article to find out everything about the new iPhone 15 revealed. only a few days ago. Whether it's its prices, its new features or its available colors, we summarize everything you need to know about the #39;iPhone 15!

Pre-orders for the iPhone 15 are open and there are already orders available. promotions

As of this Friday, September 15, 2023, pre-orders for the iPhone 15 are open. Apple plans to release it on September 22, 2023 on the Apple Store and on reseller sites. There is already promotions in particular at Red by SFR. The iPhone 15 is available at the following merchants: 

iPhone 15: already available on promotion at SFR (-170€)

iPhone 15 128GB Yellow

New à from 964.00 €

  • Rakuten964.00 €See
  • Fnac968.95 €See
  • Amazon969, 00 €See
  • Cdiscount969.00 €See
  • Boulanger969.00 €See

iPhone 15: already available on promotion at SFR (-170€)

The new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. © Apple

What are the different versions? coming for iPhone 15?

The latest information from Apple during its September Keynote revealed the different versions of the iPhone 15. No Ultra model planned but the classic Plus, Pro and Pro Max versions! The iPhone 15 line-up is therefore as follows:

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max (or Ultra)

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A new chip for the iPhone 15 Pro

The first new feature of the iPhone 15 lies in its power. The latter features a new A17 Bionic Pro chip. This novelty compatible with the Pro models in the range and will allow you to benefit from Ray Tracing technology during your compatible video games. Apple also revealed several big console games which ran on iPhone 15 Pro with, for example, Resident Evil Village.

The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are, as for them, equipped with the old A16 Bionic chip which was already found in the on the previous iPhone 14 Pro.

Towards photo improvements on the iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 (and 15 Plus) has a new 48 Mpx photo sensor inherited from the iPhone 15 (and 15 Plus). of the old 14 Pro and Pro Max. The latter should allow you to take prettier shots as well as capture more light for your photos.

The iPhone 15 Pro is, as for endowed him with new sensors which allow it to perform new zooms to vary the shots. In particular, it will be possible to zoom up to x5 optically to capture more details at a higher angle. distance!

The arrival of the USB-C port

If there is indeed something new, which is getting a lot of attention is the arrival of a USB-C port for iPhone 15. European decisions regarding the single charger have forced ; Apple at agrave; say goodbye to its famous Lightning port for the new iPhone 15. The new phones from Apple are now equipped with a USB-C port. As a reminder, several devices Apple already has of such a charging port. This is particularly the case with the latest iPad Mini and the iPad Air.

iPhone 15: already available on promotion at SFR (-170€)

© Apple

The next generation of iPhone still sees itself equipped with an iPhone 15 Plus. This new format initiated in 2022 finally replaced the old "Mini" while doing the exact opposite, know how to offer a larger iPhone! We will have to wait a little longer to find out if this formula sufficiently satisfies Apple in terms of sales to continue to grow. propose this format. As a reminder, the "Mini" had notably been; buried by the firm following its decision very disappointing sales.

The iPhone 15 Plus includes all of the new features at the same time. come on the basic model to know at least:

  • New A16 chip (taken from the iPhone 14 Pro)
  • New USB-C port
  • Integration of the "Dynamic Island" notch
  • New 48 Mpx photo sensor

iPhone 15: already available on promotion at SFR (-170€ )

iPhone 15 Plus pink 128GB

New à from 1099.00 €

  • Rakuten1099.00 €See
  • Fnac1118.95 €See
  • Cdiscount1119.00 €See

    It's no surprise: Apple has benefited from this. of its September Keynote to unveil an iPhone 15 Pro within its new range of smartphones. The Cupertino company seems to want to increasingly highlight its versions labeled “Pro”; compared to the basic models. This was particularly the case with the iPhone 14 which only benefited from very few new features compared to the previous generation. its Pro counterpart.

    Apple therefore continues to prioritize its new iPhone 15 Pro over the basic models. What's new at this time? coming to these high-end versions should allow them to stand out from the classic iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. We are talking in particular about the return of "Dynamic Island" à in place of the traditional notch, as well as more photo capabilities.

    iPhone 15: already available on promotion at SFR (-170€)

    iPhone 15 Pro Titanium Blue 128 GB

    New à from 1204.00 €

    • Rakuten1204.00 €See
    • Fnac1228.95 €See
    • Cdiscount1229, 00 €See
    • Darty1229.00 €See
    • Boulanger1229.00 €See

      The release of an iPhone 15 Pro Max was an open secret. This format is certainly one of Apple's favorites as it represents the most successful version of the iPhone, but also the most expensive for consumers. The latest iPhone 14 Pro Max benefited in particular from a new photo sensor, the “Dynamic Island”, and a larger format than the basic models.

      The iPhone 15 Pro Max includes all of these new features. It is equipped with The new A17 Bionic chip, better photo capabilities (with 5x optical zoom), a lighter titanium coating and thinner screen edges.

      Can we expect the release of an iPhone 15 Mini?

      The iPhone 15 Mini does not seem to be on the release schedule planned by Apple. The firm did not say a single word on the subject during its Keynote conference in September. Although we are never at home Safe from a potential surprise, the company seems to have pulled out all the stops. a line on this format since the release of the iPhone 14, and the new “Plus” model. The reason: the very low sales of the previous iPhone 13 Mini, which had particularly disappointed Apple. It would therefore be counterproductive for the brand to start again with a format which has objectively not been commercially successful.

      What release date for the iPhone 15?

      It won't be long before you get your hands on the new iPhone 15. It's been up for pre-order since Friday September 15, 2023.The release date of the iPhone 15 is, as for it, set for Friday September 22, 2023.

      What is the price of the iPhone 15?

      It is certainly of the biggest surprise of the evening: the iPhone 15 costs less than previous generations! While the iPhone 14 was displayed at from 1019 € in France, discover all the new prices for the iPhone 15 announced by Apple:

      • iPhone 15 :  à from 969 € 
      • iPhone 15 Plus : from 1119 €
      • iPhone 15 Pro : from 1229€
      • iPhone 15 Pro Max : à from 1479 € 

      Apple therefore has a very nice surprise in store for its community. While the majority manufacturers like Samsung or Google are raising the prices of their premium smartphones, Apple decides to do the opposite in Europe by unveiling prices at higher prices. the drop!

      What are the colors of the iPhone 15?

      The latest rumors were very true: the iPhone 15 has several colors available for its release. These also differ from the colors available for the Pro and Pro Max (or Ultra). The colors available Coming for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus would be black, green, blue, yellow and pink as evidenced by the different images already available. available online.

      iPhone 15: already available on promotion at SFR (-170 €)

      The iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max (or Ultra) benefit, as for à them, in exclusive colors with black, silver, gray and blue. These last two colors replace purple and gold. previous iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

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