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IPTV: when piracy exposes you to very steep fines

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Offering pirate IPTV services can land you straight in jail as we observed quite recently. It is also an activity that can be very expensive for those involved, and this new case is a cause for alarm on this subject.

IPTV boxes for life: the case goes wrong

In the United States, the court sentenced Marcelino Padilla to to pay damages amounting to $1.25 million. A particularly high sum when we know that the latter generated approximately ten times less income by engaging in this illegal practice.

Concretely, DISH Network and Sling TV filed a complaint last May against Marcelino Padilla and Danny Contreras (he has no fine to pay according to our colleagues at Torrent Freak), two residents from California. According to them, the latter sold IPTV boxes with integrated subscription. These operations were ultimately not so clandestine as that, since they took place directly on the social network Facebook.

On paper, the boxes were priced at $350. They nevertheless provided access to thousands of television channels, pay per view events, streaming platforms and even replay functionalities. Suffice it to say that this lifetime offer was sure to appeal.

Moreover, 500 customers decided to place an order. But this small business carried out under the defendant's real name quickly attracted the attention of the rights holders who decided to take legal action.

This case is just one of the latest. It illustrates both the rise of the illegal IPTV market but also the dynamic reaction of professionals who have a lot to lose with piracy.

When Canal+ traces the trail of a pirate

To cite just one more local example, we spoke to you last February about a man who resold subscriptions purchased in Tunisia for around twenty euros. He then re-invoiced this service for between 50 and 70 euros to his customers in France.

Canal+ ended up tracking him down and filed a complaint. The individual did not seek to deny the facts and admitted to having sold several dozen subscriptions, for a gain of 5,000 euros in just over a year. Left free, he will appear before the Toulouse criminal court on March 13, 2025.

What you need to remember:

  • Some pirates sell IPTV boxes directly on social networks
  • Not very discreet, this practice quickly attracts the attention of companies impacted by these illegal activities
  • Convictions can be very costly for those involved as happened in California

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