Iran faces consequences for arms supplies to Russia – EU

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Iran faces consequences for Russian-EU arms supplies

The European Union will apply all measures to prevent the supply of weapons from Tehran to Moscow, said Peter Stano.

The EU will continue to take measures against Iran's supply of any types of weapons to Russia, which allows the Kremlin to conduct military aggression against Ukraine. This was stated by EU Foreign Service Speaker Peter Stano at a briefing in Brussels on Monday, November 7.

“Whatever military equipment is supplied to Russia is unacceptable and there will be consequences if member states have enough evidence that this is continuing,” the European official said.

In this way, he answered questions about the potential consequences for Iran in the event of the supply of short and medium-range missiles by the Russian Federation.

“This also applies to drones “, and trainers. I can again recall the G7 statement, which specifically refers to trainers and Iranian drones. But all other arms shipments that are used in this illegal aggression … will be considered support for this illegal aggression, and consequences will be necessary,” Stano concluded.< /p>

As you know, the media said that Iran could send about 1,000 weapons to Russia in the near future. These are ballistic missiles and attack drones.

In addition, adviser to the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak said that Iran is an accomplice in aggression in Europe.

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