Iran says it is ready to conclude nuclear talks


Iran n says he is ready to conclude nuclear negotiations

Chief Iranian nuclear negotiator Ali Bagherí Kaní, expressed this Sunday that his father is prepared to conclude in the short term the negotiations that aim to save the 2015 nuclear pact.

“We share our proposed ideas, both in substance and fit, for pave the way for a speedy conclusion of the Vienna negotiations which were aimed at settling the complicated damaging situation caused by the US unilateral and illegal withdrawal,” Kani tweeted.

“We are ready to conclude negotiations shortly, in case the other party is Iran is ready to do the same”, stressed the head of the Iranian negotiating team and explained that Iran maintains close cooperation with the rest of the signatories, especially with the high representative of the European Union (EU). for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, to demonstrate his “good will”.

The 2015 nuclear pact known as the JCPOAlimited the Iranian atomic program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions, but in 2018 the then US president, Donald Trump, abandoned it and re-imposed restrictive measures on Iran.

Tehran responded a year later with The acceleration of its nuclear efforts and uranium enrichment.

Iran has been negotiating since last year with five powers and indirectly with the United States to reestablish the atomic pact< /strong>, but so far it has not been completed.

Both Iran and the US stress that there are still key issues to be resolved that require the will and political decision of the other party .


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