Iran students defy Revolutionary Guards ban on protest

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Iranian students defy Revolutionary Guard ban on protest

The leader of the Revolutionary Guard, the elite corps of the Iranian Army, promised that this Saturday would be the last day. That there would be no more. That the protests had ended

His ultimatum, however, did not last long: this Sunday the universities of the Persian country were filled with protesters who, as if nothing had happened, like every day for the last 44, have taken to the streets to protest against the death of the 22-year-old girl Mahsa Amini in particular and against, above all, the Islamic Republic and its leaders in general. 

What started In mid-September as a protest movement against the death of Amini and against the mandatory veil, it has become an amendment to the entire regime. ¡Death to the dictator!”, shouted the protesters this Sunday, as can be seen in the dozens of videos posted on Iranian networks this Sunday. 

The dictator, for them, is the leader the Iranian Supreme Court, Ayatollah there Khamenei. As in every protest, the Basijs – a paramilitary body within the Revolutionary Guard, made up mostly of ideologically close ex-convictsto the regime and that he is in charge of dealing with the protests— They have repressed students and demonstrators with tear gas and live ammunition. In a video you can see how an agent in civilian clothes walks towards the protesters and shoots at them (pointing his pistol at the ground). 

>Deaths on the rise

According to the news agency Hrana, linked to NGOs and Iranian activists abroad, more than >280 people have diedsince Amini passed away after being arrested by the morality police. Like the young Kurdish woman, the more than 280 people killed have been at the hands of the authorities and their repression of the protests – Hrana also estimates that around thirty Basijs have died. ;an died during this wave of demonstrations.

Furthermore, this agency explains, 14,000 people have been detained, including dozens of artists, journalists and doctors, many of whom are threatened if they treat injured protesters. 

“To date, the Basijs have behaved with measure and Mohammedreza Mahdavi, the head of the Revolutionary Guard in Joras├ín Junubi province, Mohammedreza Mahdavi, said this Sunday: “But if the thing goes on, everything can get out of our control”.

Although in recent weeks the intensity of the demonstrations had decreased, they, however, continue. And there are no signs that they will end soon. “More than six weeks have passed since the death of Mahsa Amini sparked a wave of national anti-government protests, and despite the campaign of terror of the Islamic Republic, people refuse to take a step back & rdquor ;, explains Hadi Ghaemi, director of the NGO. Iran Human Rights, based in Norway. 

“These people risk everything to make their voices heard —continues Ghaemi—, and the The international community must also rise to the occasion and impose real costs for all the crimes and violence that the Islamic Republic is targeting. committing daily”.