Irish lawmakers spent on the printer more than 1 million euros

Ирландские законодатели потратили на принтер более 1 миллиона евро

More than one million euros were spent by the legislators of Ireland for the purchase and installation of printer due to their size at first did not fit in the doorway of the Parliament building.

The purchase of the modern printer the Japanese company Komori at a cost of 800 thousand euros. After the printer was delivered to the Parliament building in December last year, it was found that it reaches 2.1 meters in height and 1.9 meters in width and squeezes into the opening. Another 236 thousand euros was spent on construction work to tear down walls and partitions for the size of the equipment.

In September, the printer installed in the Parliament building, before he was nearly ten months stood in the warehouse. Room rental cost the authorities about two thousand euros per month.

According to the newspaper Irish Times, some members of Parliament refuse to learn to work with the new printer, yet will not receive the bonus.

A senior member of the lower house of Parliament Peter Finnigan began an investigation in connection with the incident and provide a report of all related to installing a printer costs this week. “The report will reflect all costs associated with the purchase, and all the related issues,” said Finnigan.

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