Iryna Bilyk released a new Ukrainian-language song

Iryna Bilyk released a new Ukrainian-language song

The Ukrainian pop diva presented the track today on her YouTube channel. Irina Bilyk admitted that the song was born in the summer, but in terms of mood it is more suitable for autumn.

Iryna Bilyk has released a new Ukrainian-language song

“I was pleased to come up with this romantic story. The song was ready back in June. I have held it ever since to surprise. The incredible sounds of amazing instruments, my voice and cosmic energy are already turning the world from black to white. All that is left for us is not to hold back our eyes when we walk in the crowd towards our love, ”said the singer.

The singer added that specially for this song, bass guitar sounds were recorded at a studio in the United States together with the famous Ukrainian musician Khan Bailey, with whom Irina Bilyk is scheduled to tour Ukraine in the spring of 2021.

Bilyk's fans appreciated the new composition and were immediately delighted with it. “She's so magical! They were waiting very much ”,“ How can you tell you Ukrainian mova ”,“ We’re done! Klasna pisnya ukrainskoyu “,” Gorgeous song and arrangement! I have been waiting for a song in Ukrainian for a long time ”,“ The song is luxurious ”,“ Incredible! ”, – the artist was bombarded with positive reviews on Instagram. We join the compliments!

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