Is it possible to drink a raw egg, and what is the harm from such a habit


March 7, 2021, 22:08 | Medicine

How and in what quantity to drink raw eggs.

Can you drink a raw egg , and what is the harm from such a habit

Eggs are considered a unique source of a whole set of vitamins and minerals useful for the body. During heat treatment of the product, some of the compounds are destroyed, which is why many people prefer to drink eggs raw. Such a habit can be dangerous for health, informs Ukr.Media.

The benefits of raw eggs for human health< /p>

Eggs are a source of protein, which is indispensable for the functioning of the body. It is a building material for muscles and the main element of a healthy metabolism. Eggs are rich in B vitamins (B3 and B12), as well as useful vitamins A, D, E, H and PP. The product also contains calcium, iron, iodine, phosphorus and other important minerals.

Athletes use eggs as a protein necessary for building muscle mass. The product has a positive effect on the digestive tract, because it helps reduce acidity in the stomach, which allows food to be digested more easily and quickly.

Raw eggs are drunk to reduce appetite, as a supplement for weight loss and sports, as well as as a source of energy needed by the body for normal life. Raw eggs are also used by people engaged in vocals: the product perfectly moisturizes the ligaments and larynx, which allows artists and speakers to preserve their voice for a long time, for example, during long performances.

The undoubted benefit of raw eggs eggs for human health have long been proven by science. At the same time, doctors advise using the product with caution, because in certain situations it harms the body.

Can you drink raw eggs: how harmful is the product

Many people are convinced that the benefits of raw eggs for human health are overestimated by society. The raw product is a source of bacteria reproduction, in particular salmonella, which causes the dangerous disease salmonellosis. You can get poisoned with a raw egg if you drink it when it is not fresh. And protein is a strong allergen, which should also be taken into account before using the product.

Previously, there was also an opinion that eggs, eaten raw, could lead a person to atherosclerosis, because they are a source of cholesterol. Later, scientists refuted these data: eggs contain “useful” cholesterol, which is not the cause of plaques, is easily absorbed by the body.

It is not worth minimizing the danger of taking raw eggs as a nutritional supplement to the diet. But you can avoid health problems if you use eggs as carefully as possible.

How and in what quantity should you drink raw eggs

Nutritionists advise drinking no more than three eggs a week in raw form, because natural protein in larger quantities can cause allergies. You can drink only fresh eggs, the shell of which has no damage.

You can check the freshness of an egg with the help of plain water: if an egg floats when dipped in water, then it should not be eaten. You can protect yourself from salmonella by following hygienic procedures – before drinking an egg, you need to wash it thoroughly.

Previously, it was believed that domestic chicken eggs are less contagious. But in production, unlike home farms, the product passes sanitary control, which means that store-bought eggs are less dangerous to health. Quail eggs are considered the safest for raw consumption.

People who are concerned about their health are advised by doctors not to take risks once again. During heat treatment, eggs lose some of their vitamins, but both fried and boiled remain very useful for health.


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