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Sergio Perez plays his future with Red Bull at home in Mexico?

Under contract until 2024, Sergio Perez has no guarantee of still driving a Red Bull next season. In front of his fans this weekend, the Mexican will (again) be under pressure.

Who will Max Verstappen's teammate be next year? Will Sergio Perez, the No. 2 and now three-time world champion, still be in the seat of the fastest car in the paddock? Arrival at Red Bull in 2021, the Mexican will still have one year of contract on the evening of the last Grand Prix of the season on November 26 Abu Dhabi. But his results in 2023, very checkered, place him on an ejector seat and his future, at risk. four races from the end of the season, is still not known. "Having a contract is not a guarantee of employment, which had also indirectly threatened him. Helmut Marko, one of the influential leaders of the Austrian team, at the beginning of September at Monza. Does a job guarantee exist in Formula 1? It is in any case at best a contractual guarantee."

Winner of two of the first four races of the year, in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan, Sergio Perez then very quickly returned. in the rank, then not managing to move forward; get on the podium only five times during the following thirteen Grands Prix. Although second in the world championship, " Checo " suffers from the comparison with Max Verstappen whom he follows at…226 points in the drivers' standings. Above all, numerous poor performances, including in qualifying, have weakened our performance. its position.

If Christopher Horner, the team manager of the Austrian team, insisted on Having repeatedly made reassuring remarks about his second driver, the Englishman declared, as recently as this week, that there were many options to replace Sergio Perez if the latter was pushed. ; towards the exit. Weakened, the 33-year-old Mexican, whose debut in Formula 1 dates back to 2000. 2011, knows that he will play very big in the month to come. come. Starting with this weekend where he will be able to count on Mexico on the unconditional support of its many fans. With the aim of adding a seventh Grand Prix to the list, his prize list, and to lock in his second place a little more. Because, whatever people say about his season, Sergio Perez has never been a winner yet. vice-world champion.

At what time can you watch the Mexican Grand Prix?

There is an eight hour time difference between France and Mexico but there will only be seven hours on Sunday once we move to Mexico. winter time in mainland France on Saturday night at Sunday. It is in the evening that the different sessions of this Grand Prix will take place, at from 8:30 p.m. Friday, 7:30 p.m. Saturday and finally at 9 p.m. Sunday for the start of the 19th Formula 1 race of the season.

  • Free practice 1  8:30 p.m. Friday October 27 (duration: 1 hour)
  • Free practice 2 à 12 a.m. Friday October 27 (duration: 1 hour)
  • Free practice 3  7:30 p.m. Saturday October 28 (duration: 1 hour)
  • Qualifications 11 p.m. on Saturday October 28 (duration: 1 hour)
  • Grand Prix at 9 p.m. on Sunday October 29 (duration: 2 hours maximum)

Which TV channel can you watch the Mexican Grand Prix on?

The Mexican Grand Prix will be broadcast exclusively on the channels of the Canal group, holder of the rights to the Formula 1 world championship. The three free practice sessions will be broadcast on Canal+ Sport while qualifying and the Grand Prix, including the departure will be given Sunday in prime-time, will be broadcast on Canal+.

  • Friday October 27: Free 1st 8:10 p.m. + Free 2 11:40 p.m. on Canal+ Sport
  • Saturday October 28: Free 3rd 7:10 p.m. + Qualifications 10:40 p.m. on Canal+ Sport
  • Sunday October 29: show "La Grille" à 7:55 p.m. + Grand Prix at 9 p.m. on Canal+

How to watch the F1 Mexican Grand Prix streaming?

Do you prefer to follow the Grand Prix on your computer, tablet or from the warmth of your bed with your smartphone and your duvet? No problem, this nineteenth Grand Prix of the season will of course also be viewable in streaming. Two possibilities open up to you: you: access to the Canal+ streaming platform MyCanal or via the official F1 website, F1.com. Both will offer the full range of services. practice sessions, qualifications and races live but also in replay. On MyCanal, activating expert mode also allows you to combine screens, multi-cameras (including on-board cameras) and data, for example pilot times in real time . On F1.com, live broadcasting of testing and the race is supplemented by replays, documentaries and even historical reminders via the F1TV Pro service, offered online. à 64.99 euros per year or 7.99 euros per month.

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