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Eight months after first negotiations between the government and the doctors' unions , the question of remuneration of practitioners is once again on the table.

Negotiations on consultation prices resume this Wednesday, November 15, in the afternoon, between Health Insurance representatives and the six unions representing doctors liberals, to namely MG France, CSMF, FMF and UFML-S for generalists, and Avenir Spé-Le Bloc, CSMF, SML and UFML-S for specialists. cialists.

Although the claimed rate of 30 euros per consultation is by certain unions has been rejection by the Ministry of Health during the last negotiations in February, an increase of 1.50 euros had however been agreed. adopted, thus bringing to 26.50 euros the price of a consultation with a general practitioner. This new rate has been in place since November 1, while the consultation at 25 euros has been in effect since 2017.

This increase did not satisfy the majority of people. liberal doctors' unions, and even the State agreed that it could be re-discussed. The main objective of these salary increases is to increase the attractiveness of the sector. of the profession in a context where medical deserts extend throughout the territory. The liberal medicine professions are also struggling to keep pace. recruit young doctors, hampered by the constraints they impose, particularly at the administrative level, workloads and schedules.

During the latest negotiations, the increase in prices to 30 euros had been proposed by some of the unions, while some were asking for an increase to reach a consultation rate of 30 euros. 50 euros. An agreement on a pricing of 30 euros à well been considered by Health Insurance, but only against the doctors' agreement to sign a “territorial commitment contract”, committing them to certain installation constraints, always with the idea of ​​reducing medical desertification. This idea could be reconsidered in these new negotiations.

These new discussions therefore promise to be tense, as he admits -even Aurélien Rousseau, the Minister of Health, who spoke about at the microphone of Sud Radio Tuesday, November 14: "Çthis is going to be a discussion that will be long and difficult because if we increase the reimbursed rate, in return we need commitments from doctors" .

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