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The end of time change, is it buried? Why don't you hear about it anymore

The European Parliament had voted to for the end of the time change a few years ago. Why don't we hear about it anymore?

The member states of the European Union, including France, are moving to winter time on the night of Saturday October 28 to Sunday October 29. À 3 a.m. it will actually be 2 hours, which will allow you to the entire population to gain an hour of sleep. Established in France in 1975, the time change was intended to save energy at home. following the oil shock of 1973-1974 and the surge in oil prices.

It was in 1998 that he ;summer harmonized à However, for several years, it has been observed that there is no real effect on these economies energy, the measure is therefore contested.

The proposal to remove the time change had therefore been made. made by the European Commission in 2018, to enter into force in 2019. But this had been made by the European Commission in 2018. postponed to 2021, until following a vote by the European Parliament. Since then, the file has no longer been on the table, and the various crises which have affected the the European Union for some time (Brexit, Covid, war in Ukraine…) only postpone the treatment of the subject.

In reality, the subject is no longer registered at this time. the agenda of the institutions of the European Union, neither the European Commission nor Parliament intend to bring this issue back to the table, as priorities have evolved so much. ). It must be said that for the project initiated to be successful, it was still necessary to go through major, long and complex stages: to get all the countries of the European Union to agree, and they themselves had the mission of validating the project by their citizens; get all countries to agree on the time to start where everyone was going to stay all year – the debates were going to be very difficult.

The site vie-publique.fr confirms :  "The directive was to be adopted by the Council at the end of 2020, then transposed by member states. However, due to the health crisis linked to Covid-19, this text on the end of the time change is no longer available. agenda and should not be discussed in the near future." In France, during a consultation carried out in 2019, 83.74% of those questioned wanted this system to end, with summer time ending. being privileged to 59%.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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