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Your internet connection

If your internet connection is not as fast as you would like, it may be due to your internet connection. à a problem on your line. We explain how to quickly check the quality of your product. of your internet speed.

It is not uncommon to observe problems with your internet connection. Too slow a flow rate, untimely disconnections… The causes of these problems can be multiple, but one of the first things to do is to correct the problem. The first thing you need to know is the level of connection that your accommodation can theoretically offer you. However, it is not always easy to know the internet speed at any given time. which our postal address can claim.

There are, however, ways and online tools to know this figure precisely. We will explain to you how to proceed to find out if your current speed is at the maximum of what you can expect in your home or if it is time to change your internet operator to hope for a better better connection.

The simple method to find out your internet speed

First step: diagnosis. The Ariase service is a website launched a few years ago which allows you to compare different internet offers and mobile plans. In addition to these different services, the site also has an internet speed test to know the real performance of your connection. All you have to do is go to the site and launch the internet speed test to know precisely the reception speeds (download, upload, download or upload) and sending (upload, amount).

 Is your internet connection as fast as your address allows? This card allows you to check very quickly

© Ariase

Once the test is complete, you should have the average download speed of your device in megabits per second. Warning: this may be different between a wired connection or WiFi and can be impacted by several parameters (position of the box in the home, distance from the computer, TV or smartphone to the box, dividing walls, devices used in the home, etc.). s simultaneously, etc.).

How to know if your flow is compliant

The figure is very nice, but it remains useless without any element of comparison. It is estimated that good fiber internet speed starts at 3:00 p.m. 100 Mb/s or 200 Mb/s and ten times less for a "good" ADSL connection.  Any other item needs to be checked. during a second step: the level of connection theoretically possible at home. This time again, precise data is available. Ariase offers a map and a search engine to find out the speed available for each address in France. Just find yours.

Is your internet connection as fast as your address allows? This map allows you to check very quickly

© Ariase

By going to this address and by typing your location (the site does not store your search), you will be able to check the maximum speed available for your exact address or your municipality. With your address, the engine will find the best available internet network and offer an eligibility test. to find the best internet box offer.

You will then just need to compare the results of your internet speed test to the speed displayed on your website. à your address. This flow rate being theoretical, a deviation is often observed in practice, but if it's too high, you might want to have a little discussion with your service provider. Even look elsewhere to get more power for your connection!

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