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Israeli War - Hamas: humanitarian aid finally delivered to Gaza? Israel gives its agreement

Israel announced authorize the entry of humanitarian aid stationed on the side of the road. Egyptian police from the Rafah border post in the Gaza Strip. But the bombings risk complicating the delivery of aid to civilians in the Palestinian enclave.

The essentials

  • Israel authorized this Wednesday, October 18, the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip from the border with Egypt. It is still necessary that the aid can actually be delivered. Convoys have been present for several days at the Rafah border post, but remain blocked at the border crossing. cause of the bombings. The Israeli government's authorization risks changing nothing if the bombing does not stop immediately. this place. Earlier in the day, the Israeli army requested a request for assistance. Gaza residents to head towards "the humanitarian zone in the Mawasi region" in the south of the territory, it is there. that "international humanitarian aid will be directed where necessary". 
  • The Egyptian government assures that it has “not closed” the Rafah terminal" and that only bombings prevent the passage of humanitarian aid. On the other hand, the country is not in favor of the exodus of Palestinians to its territory.
  • Israel and Hamas accuse each other of being behind the scenes. the origin of the strike which hit Al-Ahli Arabi hospital, northern Gaza, on October 17. The Jewish state claims to have "proof" of responsibility Islamist groups and received the support of Joe Biden who declared from Tel Aviv that the strike on the hospital seems to be the work of “the opposing party”. The community international organization denounced an attack contrary to international law without pointing out a culprit, but several Arab countries hold the Jewish State responsible.
  • Numerous demonstrations took place across the Arab world to protest the hospital strike and the deaths of Palestinian civilians. If the gatherings that took place at Tunis (Tunisia) to Beirut (Lebanon) or even to Tehran (Iran) comes after the Lebanese Hezbollah, close to Hamas, called for an attack. à "a day of anger", it should be noted that support for the Palestinian population does not equal the Palestinian population. support from Hamas.
  • Joe Biden made the trip to Tel Aviv, Israel, this Wednesday, October 18 to meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and “reaffirm solidarity” of the United States” with Israel, its first ally. in the Middle East, in the conflict between the Jewish state and Hamas. But the American president also wants to avoid too great a loss of life. Gaza and warn its ally who is preparing an attack on the Palestinian enclave. The Israeli prime minister has promised that his country will do "everything it can" to limit the number of civilian casualties.
  •  The humanitarian situation continues to worsen Gaza and "becomes uncontrollable" according to the head of the World Health Organization (WHO). The private enclave of electricity and water also lacks humanitarian aid which cannot or can hardly arrive due to lack of a humanitarian corridor. WHO calls for action Israel and Hamas to "cease all attacks against medical structures". More than 1.1 million people have been affected. displaced in the Gaza Strip since the start of the conflict.
  • The UN calls for action an "immediate humanitarian ceasefire" between Israel and Hamas. The organization's secretary general, Antonio Guterres, said he was "horrified" by the situation and emphasizes that "the Hamas terrorist attack should not justify "collective punishment" of the Palestinian population.
  • The toll of the war in Israel and Hamas left "around 3,000" dead and "more than 12,500 injured" in the Gaza Strip, according to Hamas. An estimate, however, announced at the beginning of Tuesday evening, before the terrible attack on the Ahli Arab hospital in Gaza which left 471 dead and 314 according to Hamas. In Israel, the Islamist group's strikes left 1,400 dead according to the ministry. 
  • 199 people are being held hostage by Hamas, according to figures put forward by the Israeli army on October 16. They would be "between 200 and 250" on the subject a few hours later. No negotiations are underway to try to free the hostages in a prisoner exchange.
  • 24 French people have ;summer killed in the strikes and 7 others are still missing and "very likely hostages" announced the Prime Minister on October 18. At the same time, 3,500 French people were trained. repatriated from Israel since the start of the war.

Images of the conflict Context

The war between Israel and Hamas began on October 7, 2023 with a surprise and massive strike launched by the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas on the Jewish state. Many fighters have carried out incursions near the Gaza Strip border while airstrikes have been carried out. launched. These attacks terrorist character gave place at scenes of horror and massacres in several Jewish kibbutzim in Israel.

Israel ordered the response in the hours following the attack before imposing the siege of Gaza on Monday, October 9. The same day the Israeli army announced that it would having regained control of the border with the Gaza Strip. Since then it seems to be preparing a ground attack on Palestinian territory.

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