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Israel refuses everything ceasefire one month after a devastating war

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected the ceasefire. a ceasefire in the war against Hamas which entered its second month on Tuesday, despite the repeated calls to a humanitarian truce Gaza and a death toll of more than 10,000 according to the Palestinian Islamist movement.

During the night, Israeli aerial bombardments against the Palestinian territory controlled by the Islamist movement Hamas continued unabated, killing more than 100 people according to the Hamas Ministry of Health.

Under aerial cover, Israeli ground troops continued to advance into the Gaza Strip after encircling Gaza City and cutting the territory in two, according to the army.

“Stop this unjust war (…). They are targeting civilians in their homes. Stop this machine of destruction. Save us,” said Hicham Koulab, a displaced Palestinian, caught by Israeli bombings in Rafah in the south of the territory.

In Israel, a minute of silence was observed in several cities and institutions including the Parliament, in memory of the more than 1,400 people, mostly civilians, who died in the attack launched on October 7 by Hamas from the Gaza Strip which it controls.

Israel refuses any ceasefire one month after a devastating war

Aerial view of al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, November 7, 2023 © AFP – Bashar TALEB

During this attack, the deadliest in Israeli history, the fighters Hamas infiltrators in southern Israel, bordering the Gaza Strip, took hostage 241 people taken to Gaza.

In retaliation, Israel declared a war to “annihilate” Hamas, relentlessly shelling the Gaza Strip.

“There will be no ceasefire in Gaza without the release of our hostages,” Mr. Netanyahu said in an interview with the American channel ABC News on Monday evening.

“Regarding the small tactical breaks, an hour here, an hour there, we've already had them,” added Mr. Netanyahu, after an announcement from the White House evoking the “possibility of tactical breaks” to allow civilians to flee fighting and the circulation of humanitarian aid.

Israel refuses any ceasefire one month after a devastating war

Palestinians carry an injured person after an Israeli bombardment on Khan Younes, in the south of the Gaza Strip, November 7, 2023 © AFP – Mahmud HAMS

While Israel unilaterally withdrew its soldiers and settlers from Gaza in 2005 after 38 years of occupation, Mr. Netanyahu affirmed that his country would take “for an indefinite period, general responsibility for security” in the Palestinian territory after war.

Because “when we do not have this responsibility, we witness the eruption of the terror of Hamas”, an organization described as “terrorist” by the United States and the Union European, added Mr. Netanyahu who has vowed to annihilate Hamas.

– “A different war” –

The United Nations, NGOs, Arab world leaders, and other countries around the world are constantly calling for a ceasefire, an idea that is not supported by Washington pushing for “humanitarian pauses”. ” and emphasizing Israel's right to defend itself.

Israë he refuses any ceasefire one month after a devastating war

Photo released by the Israeli army on November 7, 2023 showing Israeli soldiers during operations in the northern Gaza Strip © Israeli Army – –

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres demanded urgently a “humanitarian ceasefire” in the small Palestinian territory, transformed into a “cemetery for children”.

Israeli bombings against Gaza left 10,022 dead, the majority civilians including more of 4,000 children, according to the latest report from the Hamas Ministry of Health provided on Monday.

Mr. Guterres also reiterated his condemnation of the “heinous terrorist acts” of Hamas on October 7 and castigated this movement which uses “civilians as human shields and continues to fire rockets towards Israel indiscriminately”.

On Sunday evening, the Israeli army announced the intensification of its bombing campaign, alongside a ground offensive launched on October 27.

Israel refuses any ceasefire a month after a devastating war

Israeli artillerymen fire from a position near the border with the Gaza Strip, November 6, 2023 © AFP – MENAHEM KAHANA

The most intense ground clashes are taking place in the north of territory, where the city of Gaza is located, which according to Israel is home to the “center” of Hamas.

Over the past 24 hours, “troops have secured a Hamas military stronghold in the northern Gaza Strip, seizing missiles, anti-tank launchers, weapons and various intelligence equipment,” according to a military statement.

In coordination with ground troops, fighter planes bomb “terrorist cells.”

“This is a war unlike any we have known,” said Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

– “No safe place” –

Near the border with Gaza, young Israeli soldiers display their “pride” in serving their country, without hiding their fears.

At least 30 Israeli soldiers, according to the army, have been killed since October 27.

Israeli bombings are taking a toll on the approximately 2.4 million Palestinians trapped in the 362 km2 territory. . They have been deprived of water, electricity and food deliveries by the siege imposed by Israel since October 9, when Gaza had already been subject to an Israeli blockade for more than 16 years.

They also pushed 1.5 million people onto the roads, according to the UN.

Israel refuses any ceasefire a month after a war vastatrice

Ground operations of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip © AFP – Simon MALFATTO, Maxence D'AVERSA, Olivia BUGAULT, Sabrina BLANCHARD, Anibal MAIZ CACERES

The official Palestinian news agency Wafa announced on Tuesday that one of its journalists, Mohammad Abou Hassira, was killed by an Israeli strike before dawn on Sunday, which targeted his house west of Gaza City, with 42 members of his family “including his children and brothers.”

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) on Monday, at least 36 journalists and media employees (31 Palestinians, 4 Israelis, 1 Lebanese) have died since the start of the war.

“We are civilians. The Jews (Israelis) say go to a safe place. There is no safe place in the Gaza Strip,” protested Bilal Loubad, a Palestinian displaced person in Rafah, then as people gather around the bodies of their loved ones killed in a strike.

– “An ocean of needs” –

The Israeli army has repeatedly called on Palestinian civilians in leaflets or SMS messages to leave the north of the Gaza Strip towards the south. But Israeli bombings also continue to affect the south of the besieged territory.

Israel refuses any ceasefire one month after a devastating war

Rescuers and residents search through the rubble after an Israeli bombardment on Khan Younes, in the south of the Gaza Strip on November 7, 2023 © AFP – Mahmud HAMS

In Khan Younes, also in the south of the Gaza Strip, rescuers searched under the rubble for survivors after nighttime Israeli strikes that destroyed homes.

In addition to devastating bombings and fighting, Palestinians on the run complain of having neither water nor food.

Mr. Guterres deplored on Monday the insufficient aid arriving through Rafah, the crossing point with Egypt. With 569 trucks since October 21, “the drip of aid is nothing compared to the ocean of needs.”

While the international community fears an extension of the conflict, the Pentagon announced that a submarine had been deployed in the Middle East as a deterrent.

Israel refuses any ceasefire a month after a devastating war

undated photo released by US Central Command, November 5, 2023, showing a US Ohio-class nuclear-powered submarine © US Central Command (CENTCOM) – HANDOUT

At the Israeli-Lebanese border, exchanges of fire are daily between the Israeli army on the one hand, and Hezbollah and its allies including Hamas, on the other.

Violence has also increased in the West Bank, Palestinian territory occupied by Israel since 1967, where more than 150 Palestinians have been killed by fire from Israeli soldiers or settlers since October 7, according to the Palestinian Authority.

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